Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Paul Heyman Can Even Get The Best Out Of John Cena

Getting to see John Cena share a ring with Paul Heyman last night led to something we have not seen from John Cena in a very long time. It was as Heyman was requesting his old rapper persona and the doctor of thug-o-nomics that some fans still love to this day. For John Cena to do what the world has wanted for years come join the dark side with Paul Heyman. His response was an impassioned, but more important believable and angry John Cena standing up for his ideals. Yes, the material was somewhat the same with references to children, Make-A-Wish and the military but it was done with fire, passion, and most of all believability.

Paul Heyman a few weeks ago on the podcast with Stone Cold Steve Austin at the very end laid out an idea of John Cena being conflicted with sticking to his ideals and tempted to be a Paul Heyman guy or turn his back on the fans. This was clearly along the lines of what Heyman had in mind the question will be is there a follow up to it, or is this just part of a way to get us to buy into a Brock and Cena match after Brock dismantled Cena.

If you go back in history, Paul Heyman has always been a good pairing to get the most out of John Cena in the past. As the G.M of Smackdown, he would battle with a babyface version of the Doctor of Thug-O-Nomics as the authority figure. He also got involved in some of his matches with C.M Punk as John attempted to re-claim the title on several occasions

Heyman has had a 2014 that by anyone’s standards would have to be classed as one of the best years in a career .Admittedly that is a lengthy career; still it is hard to top what is being accomplished right now this year.

Getting John Cena over with the majority of fans who have grown tired of him would just be the latest trick in a year where he has already sold the two biggest matches of the year in the company almost single-handed. His DVD “Ladies and Gentleman My Name is Paul Heyman,” is a smashing success with fans and has been one of the biggest selling DVD’s in a long time for the company.

Is there anything Paul Heyman can’t do? Perhaps turn John Cena heel is the answer, but he sure has proven that over the years he knows how to get the best of out him. Not really, a shocker considering that is basically, what Paul Heyman is best at doing. Evaluating and being able to maximize talent no matter how small or how big.

Paul Heyman can do just about anything he sets his mind too. He may not use hustle, loyalty and respect to do it but he gets the job done.

For my full thoughts on Raw head over to Between the Ropes for my podcast with Steve on what we both thought on the full episode of Raw including this Cena and Heyman segment.

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