Sunday, September 28, 2014

5 Modern WWE Guys That Would Have Fit In The Attitude Era

People often look back fondly on the Attitude Era as perhaps the best time in the history of wrestling. What modern day stars would fit best in that era? We attempt to tackle that question today in the Condo on the Moon. We will give you five names in no particular order that we think could hang with the likes of The Rock, Stone Cold, Shawn Michaels and the rest of that crew.

Dean Ambrose
: We are just starting to see what Dean Ambrose is capable of as individual competitor. If we took, the handcuffs of a PG Era off just imagine how crazy he could be. Some compare Ambrose to one guy from this time period. That is the loose cannon Brian Pillman. If these to ever had a feud back in this era it might be the most deranged and dark feud in the history of wrestling. Ambrose would fit because he seems to have a great sense of timing both with his promos and in the ring. He is the one member of The Shield that could hang and bang with the big fishes off the attitude era.

C.M Punk
: Yeah he is not around anymore and who knows if we ever see him again in the WWE. He was made for this era with his no nonsense takes no prisoners reality-based promos. It has been teased as a match to get Steve Austin back in the ring. Imagine if we saw Stone Cold at the peak of his career against Punk at the best of his game. It would make for magical promos and a great match in the ring. We already got to experience The Rock and him go at it. Punk proved he could hang with the Rock verbally which few can even back in the attitude era. Punk was made for this era and he would have been able to hang with anyone in it.

Bray Wyatt: Imagine if Bray could develop his character in an even darker direction that would fit with this time period. A feud with someone like the Undertaker would have been right up his alley. The havoc that Bray Wyatt would have been allowed to create we can only wonder. Let’s face it nothing was off limits back in those days. It would add a much more dark and scary tone to an already great character. Another dream match we likely would have seen is Mick Foley as Mankind and Bray Wyatt. The strange and demented things they would both say and do would have been something to behold.

John Cena: We are not talking the hustle, loyalty and respect version but the doctor of thug-o-nomics version. He was a guy that on the tale end of this era showed he could hang with some of the stars from that era. We almost forget what an edgy John Cena is like. When he was cutting raps on everyone on the roster no one was safe from takes some verb shots. He also would likely have a much more aggressive in-ring style that would help him get beyond those five moves of doom.

Daniel Bryan
: He quite simply is an incredible in ring talent that could have had some classic matches with guys like HBK, Eddie Guerrero and Kurt Angle. He would really have a chance to shine and have the handcuffs on his in-ring style. He would be a fan favourite that would get over with people in that era as he does in this one. He might be out of his element in terms of promos. This is not hard to hard to accept given this era featured some of the best talkers of all-time.  The fans could do his talking with the Yes chant. What? I said the Yes chant. What? Stating the positive and raising your arms.

Honourable Mentions: Kevin Steen, Cesaro, A.J Lee

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