Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Opportunity is Knocking For Dean Ambrose

Dean Ambrose is back and opportunity is knocking at his door. Daniel Bryan is still not back and Roman Reigns is out which leaves Dean as the alternative to John Cena. He even got the John Cena crashing his segment treatment. He also seems to have a larger portion of the female fan base. I saw one girl on my timeline suggest that Dean could arrest her because she had been a bad girl. This was in reference to a picture of him in his cop gear for the WWE Studios movie he was making.

While the machine was behind Roman Reigns the hardcore wrestling, fans have always been behind Dean Ambrose. He is the closest thing the WWE has to C.M Punk at the moment. There is just an unpredictable nature about Dean Ambrose, in where you wonder what he is going to do or say at any moment. His first words when returning to the show on Monday were “I AM NOT DEAD,” which was a bit of a shot at how they explained his absence.

Dean Ambrose is actually someone both Triple H and C.M Punk -- who likely do not agree on much -- both see talent in him. 

There is a window of time for Dean Ambrose to step up and show that he is deserving of being a top tier main event talent. Ambrose does have a strong fan base behind him. This is a time that he can expand that base to reach another level in his popularity.

He is such a unique talent that reminds people of so many different WWE legends. To me the one that makes the closest fit is Rowdy Roddy Piper. The crazy expressions and brawling style is a throwback to Piper. The story that Ambrose can tell without saying a word just his facial expressions is on a different level from anyone in this company.

Another positive for Dean Ambrose was how he dealt with John Cena. Much like with Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose was not all buddy-buddy with Mr. Hustle-Loyalty-Respect. Ambrose even went as far as subtly threatening Cena for getting involved in his business. This is how you are not overshadowed by Cena or at least have a fighting chance.

Here is the funny thing about Ambrose though as great as he has been in his current role he will be even more amazing when he gets to be a heel in a single role. No one can cut a dark disturbing program like Dean Ambrose. Go look up his work under his name on the independents as John Moxley. He can really be emotionally invested in what he is doing.

The time is now for Dean Ambrose. Sometimes others misfortune is your opportunity and that would appear to be the case for Dean Ambrose right now. The Lunatic fringe is looking to get his and WWE fans are behind him. Ambrose was already starting to get hot just prior to him leaving for his movie. He now is back and the spotlight on him is even bigger due to circumstances.

Dean Ambrose is ALIVE and KICKING!!! PUNCHING TOO!!!