Sunday, September 21, 2014

3 Things We Need To See Coming Out of Night of Champions

The WWE was dealt a serious curveball to “Night of Champions" with Roman Reigns being rushed to hospital Saturday. He had emergency surgery incarcerated hernia that was successful and if all goes well he will be released from Nashville hospital today. In terms of a return to the ring WWE’s Doctor suggests this is likely going to be a full 6-week recovery process as this was not your typical sports hernia operation.

Given that news, it is almost a guarantee you have to think we will see Dean Ambrose return and likely just plug him into Roman’s place in the match. Rollins and Ambrose have worked so much together this seems like an easy fit to fill the loss of Reigns in the short term.

Aside from this breaking news and obvious issue with the card what are three things we need to see happen because of Night of Champions.

1. A clear direction for the WWE World Championship:
Until the final bell rings, tonight people are still going to doubt if the WWE will have John Cena lose twice in a row even if it is to Brock Lesnar. Some so convinced of that fact they have created a situation that they see Cena winning but Set Rollins walking away from the night the Champion. Brock, Cena of Rollins we need a clear direction for the WWE World Championship. The best option is sticking with the plan and riding the Brock Lesnar train to Wrestlemania. Roman Reigns getting this time off might be a blessing in disguise, as it will give them a chance to build him up.  He should be 100% healthy and ready to roll after this recovery. I just want a clear direction and let’s stick with it.  I don’t think your doing him any favors by giving him the championship at this point. Going to Cena is a panic move with no real plan attached to it.

2. What about Bray?: I find it odd that Bray Wyatt is not booked on this card. I wonder if we see him get involved somewhere tonight for his next feud. There are some rumors he will work a fall program with Dolph Ziggler. Perhaps he costs Ziggler the I-C title or gives a post match beat down to setup this feud. After working with Cena at Wrestlemania, who could have seen Wyatt falling so far out of the main scene so quickly? You could say a similar thing about Cesaro but maybe he will finally start the road back with a U.S title win? We can hope for the best and that is about all. I think Bray shows up at Night of Champions for something what is to be determined.

3. Separation of Diva’s Angles:
I hate to say it but I think Nikki Bella will do this becoming the Diva’s Champion. Given how much WWE has gone all in with Bella feud adding the title to it would not shock me. What I also see is this advancing the Paige and A.J Feud but more importantly advancing the Stephanie and A.J feud that has been teased a few times. Assuming A.J makes it all the way to Wrestlemania, I firmly believe she will be facing Stephanie McMahon. It has all the makings of the most eagerly anticipated women’s match in the history of Wrestlemania.

Other things to note, would be an end of the line point for Usos as Tag-Team Champions?  Where is Randy Orton heading as he is in a lame duck match with Chris Jericho leaving to go be a rock star again with Fozzy. Rusev continues to roll but will he get involved in the Cena/Brock match, as some rumors have been suggesting. Will see what happens the build to this event was terrible let us hope the event itself over performs. Roman Reigns being taken out before it ever started is not a great sign.

All you have to do is BOlieve, right Bo Dallas?