Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Arda Ocal Lands A Job in WWE

Some more Canadian content added to the WWE as Arda Ocal who worked with Renee Young at The Score in Canada on the WWE wrestling talking show Aftermath is now working for the WWE as he announced via his Twitter account.

Like Young, whose real last name is Paquette, as most Canadian knows from her time on The Score based on his twitter Ocal will be known as Kyle Edwards? In any case, Ocal has been a big part of the wrestling business on many levels and it is nice to see anyone land their dream job. He also did a show with former WWE Official Jimmy Korderas on Sirus in addition to the television show on The Score.

What his role will be is anyone’s guess and what it means for the current cast of broadcasters remains to be seen. I will say this much he loves the product and knows it that is a positive for wrestling fans that it is not someone who is a broadcaster that will need to learn wrestling he isn’t that guy. He knows and loves pro wrestling. So once again congrats to Arda or is it Kyle now?