Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Welcome To The Condo on The Moon

If you are a Randy Savage fan you might get the title of this blog. It is a line from a Savage promo in which he talks about buying a condo on the moon. I am life long wrestling fan who was first brought into the sport by Randy Savage. If not for him I probably would not have spent a majority of my life being a fan of the sport. Wrestling has always been hobby for me as I have worked in the media. I even mix wrestling into my work covering the Toronto Raptors in the Dino Nation Blog as well. In my work covering basketball I noticed there was a strange cross over of b-ball fans that also shared my love of wrestling.

 Frustrated by the product today. I just felt compelled to start writing about wrestling. There is a ton of people covering wrestling online and I am not here to make this my career. I have done that the past 5 years covering the NBA and Raptors. That doesn't mean this will not be good or worth your time. It just means until further notice this is just a hobby for me and gives me a chance to write about something else that I loved once and wish I could love now.