Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Raw React Episode 999

This might have been on of the best Raw's in awhile. If for nothing else a lot of stuff happened leading towards the thousandth episode of Raw. For starters were going to have a wedding on the 1000th episode of Raw. If you know your wrestling history a wedding is not the happy occasion that you normally see in life. Probably the most famous was the wedding between Stephanie McManon and Test. This would be interrupted  by HHH. He would role a video tape after stating his objection to this union. In the video it would show HHH and a drunk or drugged Stephanie getting married at a drive through wedding chapel. HHH would call Vince McManon Dad and the wedding ends with a crying Steph and a match would take place at the next PPV with HHH and Vince McManon. If McManon won HHH would agree to annul the marriage. What happen in that match was unexpected to say the least as Stephanie the Billion Dollar Princess would turn on her Dad and than proclaim that HHH really turned he on. It launched the McManon-Hemsley era and in an ironic twist this angle would lead to real life romance between Paul Levesque and Stephanie McManon. Seems fitting to mention as that angle all started in Vegas which was the host of Monday Night Raw. We have also seen a Kane and Lita wedding that Trish Stratus would interrupt in a outfit that is burned in my mind. Randy of course married Elizabeth at Summer Slam only to have that happy event be ruined at the post wedding reception as Jake The Snake would give the happy couple a surprise with a cobra in a gift box. This would lead to a long feud between Savage and Roberts and have Savage return to the ring after he had been forced to retire losing to the Ultimate Warrior at Wrestlemania 7. From Uncle Elmer to everything in between and since a wrestling wedding seldom disappoints. So who is getting married?

Daniel Bryan approaches A.J in the back and apologizes for his actions in the recent months. He claims he was blinded by wanting to beat Punk and become WWE Champion. As he was about to ask A.J Something Eve Torres interrupts and says that she is not happy about fact Bryan left her high and dry last week and has been granted a mixed tag match with her and partner of her choice (Which would turn out to be The Miz) and says that revenge is exactly what A.J is. So A.J wants to continue the conversation but Bryan says he will tell A.J after they win their match. You can see where this is going later in the night A.J with help from Bryan would get the Pin Fall and win the match. After which Bryan gets a mic and tells A.J would a fool he has been and he should have said this a long time ago. He loves A.J but obviously there in more. Bryan goes to the ropes and someone slips him a box and he drops to a knee as he did last week and asks A.J to marry him and places the ring on her finger. After much thought A.J says YES! than the two lead the crowd in  YES! YES! YES! Chant. We later are informed that via Twitter Bryan and A.J have announced that they will get married on the 1000 episode of Raw. Some how I see this as far to simple. Bryan could turn babyface but a Wrestling Wedding NEVER EVER GOES HAS PLANNED.

As for C.M Punk he appears to be done with Bryan and by the end of the night we know that he is. The show actually opened with Punk in the ring. He cuts a promo about how this was the very place he did his famous pipe bomb promo and how so much has changed since that night. He talks about his long title reign and than is interrupted by the Big Show. Who they already announced will face Punk later in the night in a non title match. Punk claims that Show is nothing more than a highly paid under achieving Giant. Show point out that all it would take is one knock out punch and John Cena could come cash in his Money in Bank Briefcase on C.M Punk. It would lead to a match at the end of the night in which show would dominate the much smaller Punk but eventually would get DQed giving Punk the win but Show would continue on and was about to land his K.O Punch when Cena's Music hits and he rushes to the ring with his case in toe. All show Cena had been promoted as having a big announcement on what he was going to do relating to the brief case. Cena would grab a mic and was starting to speak when Show encourages him to cash in the briefcase saying there will never be a better time than right now and he would be a fool not to.do it. A ref enters the ring. Cena says that he will not face C.M Punk now and that he has one week to recover as he will cash in Money in the Bank on the 1000 Episode of Raw vs C.M Punk. Big Show angered by this gets up on the apron and is corked by Cena. So we will have Punk vs Cena and it should be noted The Rock will be on hand next week and last we saw him he had a dream about being WWE Champion again. How this plays in this WWE Title Match remains a mystery but you could bet The Rock is somehow involved in the outcome of this match.

There still was lots more Let's get the Minor stuff out of the way:

WWE had a poll asking what title WWE Fans wanted to see defending next week on 1000 episode of Raw. This prior to the WWE Title being defending obviously which was not known. In the end the fans had three options Christian and the I-C Title which they did select, The Divas Title and U.S Title were the other.

Zack Ryder finally was back on Raw..Jobbing out to Alberto Del Rio. Ryder was really a non-factor in this whole thing. After winning Del Rio would again slap on his cross arm breaker as Ryder had already tapped out. Who would save that poor idiot Zack Ryder....619....Yes Rey Mysterio made his return after about a year away from WWE. He would get a decent pop from crowd and would end up landing a 619 on Del Rio and he would slump away acting as if he had seen a ghost according to Cole.

Brodus Clay for whatever reason would fight JTG with a new hairdo and basically squash him

Also Heath Slater would get squashed by a WWE Legend...This week Rikishi would do the honours complete with Stink face.

Prime Time Players would take there title match tonight rather than on PPV which makes little sense but what does in WWE Tag Team Division and they would fail to win the Belts causing AW to have a fit on the Ref....all totally a waste of time and for whatever reason Kofi and R-Turth managed by Little Jimmy? remain Tag-team Champs.

DX is going to open the 1000th show we are told. Also scheduled to appear is The Rock, Brock, and you can also expect to see a ton of others.

WWE owns a video sharing company called Tout. That might explain why they promoted this thing like crazy all night. They hope there You Tube Lite that allows you to make 15 seconds videos about total nonsense. Fun isn't it? John Cena uses it which makes it cool for kids under 10.

Ryback had a match with Jack Swagger that was never really a match. In the ever confusing and fluid WWE Rulebook seems Swagger jumping Ryback as he entered the ring caused the ref to not call for the bell. Swagger actually had the advantage for a bit and than would get squashed by Ryback. Given how weak Swagger has been booked this helps restore him a little but more for me hurts the Ryback gimmick as Swagger not that long ago was wiped out by Big Show in under 2 minutes. So Ryback is obviously not as good as The Big Show. Not good booking there.

The other main angle on this show was Dolph Ziggler coming out to brag about his own Money in the Bank victory and how this is a Guarantee that he will be World Champion it is just a question of when. You would expect to see the World Champ appear but instead out comes Chris Jericho. Before Jericho is allowed to speak Ziggler cuts an awesome promo on Jericho and claims that he is not going to come in and ruin his moment. Than he proceeds to point out how Chris Jericho has failed since returning. In fact he says several times when exactly have you won a big match Chris? He points out how Jericho (Who invented the Money in Bank Match) has never won a Money in The Bank Match. Eventually Ziggler is given the code breaker and Jericho exits the ring. Just as he went from Face to heel with not so much as word. Jericho has gone from Heel to face the same way. It would appear that we are heading to a Ziggler vs Jericho feud which has the possibility of really getting Ziggler totally over with the fans. Both in ring and on the mic this should be an epic feud. It seems unclear what the motivation for Jericho would be in this but perhaps a match for the briefcase would be what the motivation could be.

So all in all this was one of the better Raw's in a long time as the lead in for 1000 episode of Raw. Which is in stark contrast to one of the worst lead in's to a PPV the WWE has ever done for Raw prior to a PPV. I have some things to feel genuinely excited for. I can't say that has been the case in quite some time. The 1000th Episode of Raw should not disappoint as I would expect it to be PPV like in nature. The challenge will be what happens the week after that? We also will find out who is going to be the New G.M of Raw and perhaps Smackdown as well next week on Raw.

Given this is Savage theme blog will rate things in OH YEAH'S!!! for this episode I would have to say it is a strong 4 Oh Yeahs!!!! Dig It!!! It was a good show it is hard to argue that it wasn't.