Tuesday, July 24, 2012

C.M Punk Steals The 1000th Episode Of Raw

If you take C.M Punk out of the 1000th episode of Raw it was really not exactly a great show maybe not even a good show. Finally the WWE did something right on a big night with lots of eyeballs watching. At the end of this show if you were not talking about CM Punk you really missed the point. Will run through that rest of the stuff first and then get to CM Punk and his role in this show.

As advertised the show started with D.X who was introduced by Vince McManon. Odd as that was. However Vince did deserve to take a bow after all this is the show he created so I had no problem with that. HHH and Shawn hit the ring and do there normal D.X routine but Shawn says to Hunter he feels like something is missing. Then out come in the jeep that they once invaded WCW in were Road Dog, Billy Gunn and X-Pac. The group would eventually be interrupted by Damien Sandow. He would cut a great promo on how DX represented what had become wrong with society and he suggest that he knew the group of them could beat him up (he said it with bigger words) but if they did he would be a martyr for the cause of human decency. DX asked him to wait while the pondered what he had to say. After a DX cheer they came back and Hunter said they had decided and wham Sandow took a super kick into a pedigree and was thrown from the ring. It was all cute and fun but in the end something was missing. Chyna wasn't there. Which was no shock really but in D.X Fashion a cut out of Cyhna would have worked just as well. It really seemed hollow without some reference to her.

From there we had a pretty pointless 6 man tag match between Rey, Sin Cara and Sheamus vs Del Rio, Jericho (didn't he turn face last week) and Dolph Ziggler. J.R came out to call this match for no other reason than to have J.R come out and call a match. I don't get why J.R keeps coming back if he is not taking his job back. It really makes no sense. About only thing in this match that mattered was the finish in which Ziggler caused Jericho to lose the match. It was a waste of time for the most part. Just a preview of the fun to come with 3 hour Raw now every week.

In fact let's Just go point form for the rest of this stuff other than the Wedding between A.J and Daniel Bryan and the final match with Punk and Cena. Actually will do a little on Brock and HHH too. What else happened will be below:

  • Christian lost the I-C belt to The Miz who turned out to be the challenger. Bret Hart would be part of this match as the guest Ring announcer. Many of the uses of former stars seemed just forced and pointless. This was one of those. Christan would injury a leg in the match and this would allow the Miz to come out on top. Why we are putting a belt on The Miz is really anyone's guess. Pointless comes to mind. Ironically The Miz has never been I-C Champ as he was pushed to the top so fast there was no time for an I-C title run. 
  • Brotus Clay vs Jack Swagger lasted all of 1 min. It was an excuse to have Mick Foley who came out prior to match to dance with Clay in his alter Ego Dude Love. 
  • Trish Stratus tried to teach HHH yoga and rest of D-X walks in and gets wrong idea. Which calls to mind a Raw memory in which HHH was trying to teach Trish how to wrestle and Stephanie walked in and got the wrong idea. 
  • Of course we had to have a Heath Slater squash match. Slater said he wanted a no DQ anything goes match with any Legend that wanted to come to the Ring. Ultimate Warrior? No, Iron Sheik? No, Lita would be the one to answer this challenge? But she informed Slater she hired some protection and that would bring out the APA and Bradshaw and Ron Simmons. Slater decided to take a pass and had his exit blocked by all the legends he had run ins with. 
  • There was a back stage thing with A.J and the pointless Divas Champion Layla and she asks A.J if she wants to go through with the wedding and A.J says she is not crazy at least in comparison to what goes on here. We see Mae Young with a guy in a Hand costume that is her son from that awful angle. Piper and R-Truth doing jump rope with little Jimmy. and Hacksaw doing something stupid. 
  • Charlie Sheen was actually part of the show and did 3 pointless interviews during the night and believe it or not left you with impression he would fight someone at Summer Slam. Can't say who yet. because it involves one of major angles.
  • Kane would be surrounded by 6 Jobbers leading to an appearance by his brother the Undertaker and they would waste the 6 jobbers that included Hawkins and T-Rex, Jinder Mahal and a cast of nobodies. It was a pretty awful waste of Undertaker making his first appearance since Wrestlemania. 
There was also some pretty brutal advertising spots for Tout and Sonic as well. I am on Tout maybe beating you over the head with something in advertising works.

anyway on to the Wedding. Slick would be the minster for this affair and age has not been kind to Slick. The crowd was chanting NO NO NO and loud throughout the wedding. It was kinda of typical WWE wedding more or less. Bryan when asked if takes A.J he says Yes!. A.J when asked almost before Slick could spit it out responds Yes! Yes! Yes! and Slick is about to make this thing official and legal when A.J interrupts and says she was not saying yes to Daniel. She was given another proposal  from a Man earlier today. Then what happens next was a true shock. Vince McManon's Music hits. He comes out with Mic in hand. He informs Daniel that is was not that kind of proposal it was a business proposal and he wants to introduce the NEW G.M of Raw.....A.J!!! A.J gets that funny look on her face and skips around Bryan and exits the ring skipping away. Bryan is furious and is tearing apart the wedding set that is required for WWE Wedding.

After a commercial Bryan is still in the ring. Then C.M Punks music hits and he comes out. He basically says what happened to Bryan could not have happened to a nice guy. He says we will continue being WWE Champ and wishes Bryan luck as with A.J as G.M it can't mean good things for his career (Which turns out to be true later but not because of that ). Bryan says that Punk is not even the best in this ring let alone the Best In The World. That he is the Greatest Of All Time.

(Rocks Music Hits and This just got interesting)

The Rock informs Bryan that THE PEOPLE determine who is the greatest of all time. He does his typical Rock stuff. Finally he is back in St Louis and ends up calling Bryan a Troll from Lord of the Rings and calls him an Uppa Luppa.

The Rock than turns his attention to Punk and says he is here to talk about the WWE Championship. He announces that he will face whoever is the WWE Champion at the Royal Rumble. Punk congratulates Rock and tells him he will fill in the blank for him that he will be that guy. He will beat John Cena tonight and he can't wait and wishes Royal Rumble was tomorrow. The Rock says he won his first title right here in St Louis and he will beat whoever he faces at Royal Rumble and become WWE Champion.

Bryan interrupts and says some how some way he will be who The Rock faces and that he is going to be the face of the WWE. The Rock says that he was not out here to talk to him and makes a couple jokes. He wishes CM Punk luck in his match tonight and then tell Bryan it is not all bad for him because he did get him a wedding present which would be a Rock Bottom.

Bryan later in the night would be insulted by Charlie Sheen and Bryan would respond with his own comments and it would appear believe it or not were head to some sore of match with Sheen and Bryan at Summer Slam. It seems totally Bizarre to me. But it was clearly angled to think that is where this is going. Sheen said that any time he is in L.A Bryan can find him Summer Slam funny enough is in L.A

More on Punk and Rock later but the other big event of night was would Brock would accept the challenge of HHH to fight at Summer Slam. Paul Heyman would come out and not Brock and HHH said he didn't want to talk to Horses Ass he wanted to talk to horses head. Heyman after some insults at HHH would declare that Brock had instructed him to say no to the match. HHH would start calling Brock names to which Haymen suggested was childish and suggested it was a poor example for HHH's Children. That setthe game off and he would almost strike Heyman. He would remind HHH of the lawsuits he already has caused but then eventually apologize out of fear. Only to once again bring up his children to which prompts

(Stephanie McManon Music to Hit)

She comes in and she claims that Heyman is the failure and that his kids are really ashamed of him. Calls him nothing more than a hanger on of others. Heyman gets angry and asks here if she wants this. To see Brock end her husbands career. He then references the children again. She ends up telling Heyman to never talk about her Children again and when he does again She slaps him and then takes him down to mat. This prompts Brock to come out HHH makes sure Steph gets out of ring. Brock as a result gets jump on him. The Game would make a comeback and eventually knock Brock from the Ring. So we have are match and may see Heymen and Steph in the corners? Maybe not guess will see in next few weeks.

The Rock breaks up a totally useless Zack Ryder store in which he is trying to convince Mean Gene (Who is there with them) was responsibly for G-T.V which was an angle that never did have an answer. When the Rock shows up Zack and Gene O take a powder. Rock basically give the same good luck speech he gave Punk and Cena says he will win tonight and he will be the guy to Face The Rock in January.

So now time for the WWE Title Match. How bout we cut to the finish. Cena has Punk pinned after a F-U they did use to call it that. but prior to that  Punk had collided with the ref and he was out on the floor. Do you smell a run in? Yup but it was not The Rock it was the Big Show that would arrive and proceed to take out Cena. Punk with the distraction of the Big Show coming down had crawled to a corner. He sat and watched as Big Show would take down Cena and then look to finish him off the the K.O Punch. Punk after that landed seemed conflicted about what he should do. Eventually he would decide to bring the Ref around got him into the ring and went for the cover. Cena would kick out and not long after Show would come in attack Cena and thus your winner by DQ is C.M Punk. Punk would do nothing about Show's attack on Cena instead he would take his Title Belt and exit the ring. The Rock would come out and attempt to save Cena to which C.M Punk would return to the Ring and lay him out eventually hitting him with the Go To Sleep. The show ends with Punk in the ring looking at a fallen Cena and Rock.

It would appear that Punk and Rock will wait till Royal Rumble to square off. I had suggested it might happen at Summer Slam but I would Imagine we see a Punk Cena re-match from last year at Summer Slam. That match was won by Punk but he would get attacked by Kevin Nash and Alberto Del Rio would cash in Money in the Bank and win the title. All the stars seem to be aligning to see a Rock vs Cena rematch for the WWE Title at Wrestlemania while it would make a ton of sense if Stone Cold were the guest ref for that match at Royal Rumble. He could screw Punk out of his title leading to a Punk vs Austin match also at Wrestlemania. Austin was not there tonight as he is currently working on a movie. Not knowing his schedule it is hard to say if this is possible. However what we do know is C.M Punk has stated many times his dream match is to face Austin. While Austin has said he would work with Punk if the price was right to do so. WWE may have this all done and in the bank or they may not. Now it seems they have almost no choice but to make this match happen.

It was a brilliant Heel Turn for Punk and it clearly saved this show that honestly had not lived up to the significant hype. There were no really huge surprise returns. Other than A.J being named G.M of Raw not much else on this show was all that great. Hunter and Brock stuff was all fairly predictable. However at the end of the night everyone walked away talking about C.M Punk and if that was the plan it was masterfully executed. To often on nights like tonight the current talent gets buried by all the returning stars. Tonight that was not the case at least in terms of the ending. C.M Punk just over a year after stating he was going to bring change to the WWE may finally have started his true revolution tonight. Punk and Rock should be a much more interesting feud on the mic. In the ring it should be better as well. Punk just seemed to be getting stale as the #2 babyface despite being the Champion. He had been buried behind John Cena and not I suspect the Heel C.M Punk will no longer stand for being pushed to the shadows by Cena or anyone else. It honestly saved the show.