Monday, July 16, 2012

PPV Money In Bank WWE Review

Lets start with basic results.

Money in the Bank

Pre Show:

Kofi and Truth Retain Tag Titles.

Current Jerker - Smackdown Money In The Bank

Your Winner- Dolph Ziggler (Now has contract for World Championship)

World Championship Match

Sheamus retains over Alberto Del Rio

Epic & Primo over Prime Time Players

WWE Title Match (No DQ Guest Ref- A.J)

C.M Punk Retains over Daniel Bryan

Ryback over Hawkins and Reks

Diva 6 Women Tag

Layla (teamed with Kaitlyn & Tamina) gets the pin fall over Beth Phoenix,Eve and Natalya

WWE Title Money in Bank Match

John Cena Wins the Contract for a WWE Title Match up

So that is what far as results go. As for the show itself I did not get to tune in for the Pre-Show or the opening match as I was covering the Raptors Summer League Game. But the main thing about the Smackdown or World Title  Money in the Bank they got the right winner. Dolph Ziggler is the right guy to go over. So why do I get the feeling that Ziggler is going to become the first ever Money in Bank winner to fail to win the Title? Maybe the fact they teased him going for the belt in the very next match. Let's face it they are not having Cena fail to get the title. They have been playing up the fact no one has failed to win the title far to much for me to not think that someone is not going to turn that briefcase into gold. Sadly I think that will be Ziggler and think this will somehow lead to the end of his relationship with Vicky Guerrero which is long overdue. 

Cena winning does keep the hope for my angle I wrote in having a Rock vs C.M Punk match with Cena eventually ending up the Champion. But this all will be figured out on the 1000 episode of Raw I would imagine. Who knows at this point. Sheamus remains the most dead character to have a World Title in history. The fact he won in 17 seconds over Daniel Bryan which made him a star.

Oh and THE MIZ made his return if anyone cares? I don't and recently found out he was off making a movie. I won't watch the movie and I can't imagine I will enjoy watching The Miz. Even when he was at his peak I never really thought The Miz was awesome. I am not sure where they go with the Miz now. I suspect now that he is claiming he is a movie star you can expect some kind of interaction with The Rock. Why I have no idea. The Rock couldn't make a star out of him before when they were involved in the Wrestlemania match between The Miz and Cena in which Miz retained thanks to The Rock indirectly.

Prime Time Players I liked at first. The addition of the AW Character has made this whole tag team worse. The WWE has done a fairly crappy job in trying to make the Tag Team Division relevant again. I am almost to the point that we should just eliminate the whole concept of tag team wrestling. It just doesn't work anymore. In the fast moving storyline of  today there seems to be to much of a rush to break up tag teams and try and build individual stars. However the days of finding a Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart are long gone. Speaking of doing a crappy job the WWE Divas Division is in a state that should make Trish Stratus cry. You have a Divas champion that no one cares about in Layla and everyone has been waiting for a Karma return that now may never happen. Maybe Kelly Kelly will come back and save the Divas Division. Or should I say drive the final nail in the coffin. It is sad the state of the Divas Division and all of the Divas combined are not as strong as little A.J. Who can't really save the Divas Division either. because she is not believable as a wrestling talent in ring and definitely not a champion.

Other things of note. Ryback is a total waste of time. Goldberg 2012 is a total bore. The WWE is doing a terrible job at making new stars. Brodus Clay is already getting long in the tooth. It really is becoming an issue and the fact that they fail at this so badly is only going to make 3 hours of Raw more painful. That is coming in 8 days so prepare yourself.

That is my thoughts on the WWE Money in the Bank. It was such a step down from last year. In fact Wrestling has been in a nose dive ever since C.M Punk dropped his pipe bomb. All that has happened a year later is C.M Punk is more part of the corporate side of WWE.  Hell C.M Punk has even given up the fight for our Ice Cream Bars. What happened to that? Ah Well least we get to see Punk wrestle which is good. About only good thing WWE has going for it.