Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Booking With No Soap Opera Experience

It seems we are already locked into a Brock vs HHH Match at Summer Slam match. It will no doubt be billed as the main attraction for the show. Anytime HHH steps into the ring is a big deal these days and more he does is more proof the WWE feels it is desperate and he has too. However here is what your main event for Summer Slam should be. It likely won't be but here it is anyway. C.M Punk still your WWE Champion vs The Rock for the WWE Championship. Here is how it all makes sense. Let's start with how Punk gets out of Money in the Bank as still the WWE Champion. This whole A.J is crazy story comes to a close. After a long and no doubt great match between Punk and Bryan the Finish will be something like this. Punk plays like he is injured and Bryan moves in for the kill only to take the classic shot to the groin and lose as Punk finishes him off with a go to sleep after he springs back to his feet. Punk wins and A.J hands the belt to C.M Punk and skips off to the back.

The next night on Raw. An angry Daniel Bryan is in the ring and frustrated by losing because of A.J yet again. He demands she comes to the ring and explain her actions. Instead of A.J he gets C.M Punk. Who cuts the following promo.

C.M Punk: You know there was a time when I respected you. There was also a time that I called you bryan first and not last. But first, last or in the middle more has changed about you than just your name. You have become a complete and total ego maniac. So blind to everything around you. A.J for what ever crazy reason loved you. A man that looks like a goat with the face of goat. Instead of thanking your lucky stars this was the case you fell in love with being a champion. You fell in love with being the guy on top of ladder. You lost A.J based on all of this and you were to blind to see that all that has gone on in the past few months was nothing more than you getting played. I normally would like to take responsibility for such a brilliant plan but I can't the real brains of this whole plan has been.... (A.J's Music Hits)

C.M Punk: Yes, Yes, Yes it was her. But why not let the lady herself explain (Punk Hands Mic to A.J)

A.J: Thank you Punk. If not for you I would never have been able to get the revenge that I so rightly deserved. Daniel did you really think I was some stupid little girl that didn't see what was going on? I wasn't sure if Punk would go for it because I know how close you two have been. But he saw you for the jerk that you have truly become. Now 3 months after being the World Champion at Wrestlemania you head into Summer Slam not as that or as WWE Champion. You are nothing and I made you nothing. The only person that is CRAZY IS YOU for thinking that I was. (C.M Punk grabs the Mic)

C.M Punk: That is right Daniel no more re-matches for you. I am done with you and on the 1000th Episode of Raw I am going to confront the man I want to defend this belt against next and that isn't you. So enjoy the fall back to being Irrelevance. There can only be one Best in the World and that is me.

So what Happens to A.J and Bryan? The feud continues with the introduction of Karma aka Awesome Kong. Bryan convinces Karma to destroy A.J and launches Karma into the WWE scene with a bang. The size difference will be massive and make Karma look like the true monster she is.

Now back to Punk and the 1000th Episode of Raw The Rock returns and enters the Ring and says Finally The Rock has.... Than This Happens:

C.M Punk: Please Spare us Dwayne. We know you have come back home to WWE to grace us with your totally awesome movie star self. We are so excited really. I don't agree about much when it comes to John Cena. However he was right about you. You show up here when it is convenient to do so. G.I Joe's Release gets pushed back and suddenly here in live and living colour it is The Rock. That same guy that Dwayne tried to run away from but can't ever escape. Spare us your you love the business and love us and how your family grew up in this business and all that crap. Let's face some facts if you were a good enough football player you never would have been in wrestling to begin with. See but unlike you quitting on Football and settling for Wrestling as a fall back I am a bit different. I was the guy who was in the Wrestling equivalent of the CFL. But I never got cut and went home and gave up. I became so good that eventually the WWE had no choice but to bring me in. I earned every single thing I got to have this belt. But than on the night after Wrestlemania when I by the way if anyone noticed defeated Chris Jericho who as I recall once beat you and Austin in the same night. On a side note that was a long time ago Chris you might want to get something current on your resume aside from Dancing with the Stars loser. You on that night if you were to open your mouth which I suggest you don't would point out that you beat John Cena. Been there and done that and if John wants to take his little brief case and try to cash it in on me I will do it again. But back to my point you had the balls to come out here and say that one day you will once again be WWE Champion. You had a dream I think it was. Well I have dreams too. My dream is a little different though. It goes like this. I will in 5 seconds point out that I am the WWE Champion and I am standing right here. I will also point out that I don't have anyone to face at Summerslam and I want to make your dream a frigging nightmare. So basically to cut to the chase this is me challenging you to a match at Summer Slam.

The Rock: You got a big mouth for such a little man. What in the Blue Hell makes you think The Rock won't slap the taste out of your mouth and take your championship. I heard all the stuff you said before. I know you don't like me and let be make this crystal clear and the Rock means crystal clear. I don't like you either. So be careful what you wish for or you just might get it.

C.M Punk: Just so you know Rock I actually know more than the 5-7 moves you know when you decided to take on this fall back career in Wrestling. I may not be able to play a tooth fairy as well as you but what I do better than anyone else is wrestle. The best wrestler in the world is not some stupid catch phrase it is the truth. So see you at Summer Slam oh and I almost forgot. This match has a special guest ref and I think you know the guy pretty well. (Austin's Music Hits) C.M Punk exits the ring waving bye to the Rock.

So that is the basic story. How it continues is Austin would actually screw over Punk and The Rock would win the WWE Championship only to have Cena cash in his money in the bank and win the title setting up both an Austin vs Punk Mania match and if you wanted a rematch of Cena and The Rock. This could be the start of a heel run for Cena or you could still keep him baby face and use the revenge angle for his loss at Wrestlemania and wait until than to make the ultimate heel turn to save his championship at WrestleMania if he enters as the Champion. You could also renew a feud with Cena and Punk to carry the company to at least Survivor Series. The wildcard in all this is Austin and if he and WWE could come to a deal to have him appear at Summerslam and in a dream match vs Punk at Wrestlemania. But this is something the WWE needs badly and has the money to make it happen. Austin is on record saying for the right dollars he would work a match with Punk. So find that right figure and make it happen. This is a way to seriously save WWE from the Abyss they have slide into.

Not bad for a guy that has no soap opera writing experience huh? I just am a life long WWE fan that happens to know how to write a little. Will watch and see if the WWE Can come up with anything that is nearly as exciting.