Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Randy Savage In The Hall Of Fame

One of the things that bothers me most is the WWE HALL OF FAME not having Randy Savage in it. Basically it devalues the entire thing for me. I could give you a long long list of guys in the Hall of Fame that are not half as deserving as Randy "Macho Man" Savage. The question has raged for years as to why this isn't so. Even Bret Hart who punched out Vince McManon's lights in Montreal the night of the Montreal Screw Job is in the WWE Hall of Fame. It was always be a point of great sadness that Randy was not put in the Hall of Fame before his unfortunate passing just over a year ago.

If you dig around on the internet there is an old theory as to why. As the internet urban legend goes it involves some sort of interaction between Stephanie McMahon and Savage. This incident is said to have occurred right before Savage left for WCW and never again would return to the WWF/E again. There seems to be a number of versions of it. Basically there some kind of interaction where Savage came on to Stephanie or she came on to him. There is also a third theory that the two got together and the story changed after the two had "hooked up". This rumor has been sort of confirmed by a few things. First there is Savage's brother Lanny Poffo that in one of those famous shoot interviews that you can find with old wrestlers on You Tube says that everyone knows why his brother is not in the hall of fame and suggests that the stuff on the internet is true. What also seems to confirm it indirectly is Savage when he went to a pretty strange place cut a promo on HHH and Stephanie that was two strange for words.  

So it appears this may be fact. I also am a fan HHH which makes this all pretty awkward for me. However this was a long time ago and it appeared in the later years of Savages life that he and the WWE had been on better terms. Savage had returned in video games and in a series of collectable figures. This seemed to clear the path for Savage to enter the hall of fame. There is even speculation on the internet from various interviews that Savage was in fact offered the Hall of Fame and declined induction. Obviously Randy is no longer around to confirm or deny if this is true or not. His brother Lanny Poffo who had runs in WWF as "Leaping" Lanny Poffo and later as the The Genius claims that Savage refused and would not enter the hall of fame unless it was the entire Poffo Family was inducted. Something Lanny now claims was his brother's wish and desire. He also claims that the family would never be party to Savage going into the Hall of Fame unless this is so. You could make a case that Angelo Poffo the father of both could be a candidate for the Hall of Fame but Lanny Poffo? Get serious. The only Family that is inducted in the Hall of Fame is the Von Erich's who were legends in the territory days in Texas. Lanny Poffo is a bitter jaded ex-wrestler to a large degree. Not like there is not a ton of those. If he were to stand in the way of his brother getting honored by the WWE and give the millions of fans like me that grew up loving Randy the chance to honour him it would be the first time Poffo has been a good heel or face in wrestling career. Let's face facts Randy Savage build a legendary career while Lanny Poffo was a bit player in terms of the WWE who's career highlight was one match vs Hulk Hogan on a Saturday Night's Main Event as the Genius. He never appeared on any of the early Wrestlemania's or on a Wrestlemania at all that I recall.
Something is really wrong when it is Phil Brooks AKA CM Punk that is keeping Randy Savage alive today. Punk started adding the Savage Elbow as part of his moves after his death. Even Recently Punk did the classic Savage Axe Handle to the outside of the ring. Yet his own jealous brother is making it difficult to have Savage be honoured by the WWE? C.M Punk wanted to beat up Chris Brown while that would be great to see it would also be nice to see him kick Lanny Poffo's old ass around as well. It might be more entertaining than Heath Slater getting his butt kicked by WWF Dinosaurs from the past. This didn't really touch on anything going on today to much. However I felt the need to talk about this issue first as my journey into being a wrestling fan began with Randy Savage so should me talking about Wrestling. After the Raw I watched last night there really is no words for how low we have sunk in terms of the wrestling product these days. It was really cool of the WWE Soap Opera writers to bury the WWE Champion by of all people Eve Torres? Really..Yeah that is brilliant. I have a better idea but I doubt you will go there WWE. But will save that for next time. I thank any of you that check out my new hobby here. I still have a basketball site to run so I can not guarantee you this will be a daily or even weekly thing. Let's call it an experiment that I will use to vent from about my thoughts on Wrestling.