Wednesday, October 15, 2014

ROH Makes It Official Final Battle Will Be On PPV

It is now official after being rumored almost right after their first jump into traditional pay-per-view at Best in the World. Now Final Battle the marquee event of the Ring of Honor calendar will be on traditional pay-per-view. This announcement comes just after ROH released that only standing room appears to be available to see the event live. The event will take place in New York City but not at the traditional Hammerstein Ballroom location. Earlier this year that location was packed for “War of the Worlds” the co-promoted event with New Japan Pro Wrestling that took place there in May.

Terminal 5 is the venue for Final Battle and does have a slightly larger capacity of 3000 in comparison to the 2,200 that is the published capacity for Hammerstein Ballroom. It has been a big year for ROH in terms of live attendance in which they have set records in almost every place they run on a regular basis. They also seem to have the mindset to explore some new markets as they are set to head back to Florida for first time in a long time. Atlanta adding ROH being syndicated in that market might also be a place ROH eventually explores.

It seems that ROH despite some issues with the whole Michael Elgin matter seem to be still on course to have likely the most successful year financially in the history of the company.  Great to say in any year but even better to say in a year where TNA is on the verge of closing losing money hand over fist and without and television deal to speak of. WWE is losing money too; based on to this point, failed attempt to build the WWE Network and the amount it cost to launch it. 

Ring of Honor may in fact be the only company in North America that turns a profit this year and that is saying something for a company that has in it’s history fought for their own survival at times.

Best in the World is said to have done somewhere around 12,000 buys on pay-per-view that exceeded modest expectations of 9000 set by the company. No idea the goal of what the number will be this time around, but you have to figure to be deemed a success they need to match or exceed the 12,000 number that they set as the benchmark in their first time out.

Final Battle is always booked as the biggest show of the year in ROH so the card should not be an issue in getting people excited to watch. Will see how the road to Final Battle rolls on through the fall.

Confirmed to appear at Final Battle:

Ring of Honor: Final Battle 2014 will feature the likes of: ROH World Champion Jay Briscoe, ROH World Tag Team Champions ReDragon, Matt Sydal, The Young Bucks, Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian, Adam Cole, Mark Briscoe, ROH World TV Champion Jay Lethal as well as other elite wrestlers from ROH.

Quite the line-up of note No A.J Styles listed that would be a big name that would help. Still lots of time to add names to the mix.