Friday, October 3, 2014

He's Back #BayBay Adam Cole: Condo on the Moon Podcast #31

Adam Cole has been in the news of late in the wrestling world. From being named to PWI Top 500 as the #9 wrestler in the world to speculation about his future. He is also planning what we believe is a first in a wrestling bachelor party for Michael Bennett. It's busy times for the former ROH World Heavyweight Champion. He tells us about all of this and gives his thoughts on a variety of topics. It is his second time back on our podcast and we are thrilled to have him.

Josh Lopez is filling in for Chris Walder as he will be heading to this ROH event on Thursday October 9th in the Chicagoland area. For all the info head over to here is a link to the event page. All this said enjoy the podcast featuring are 30 min conversation with Adam Cole off the top of the show.

Here is Adam telling you the line-up for this show:

Here is the Promo Adam and I discuss in our interview:

Thanks to Adam for stopping by and talking with us. It was a pleasure to have him back on the program talking professional wrestling. It sounds like this event coming up could be one people are talking about for years to come. The last unauthorized ROH event known as the night of hoopla certainly was.

If you were unable to listen via the website no problem head over to our podcast host Podomatic and listen there.

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