Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Randy Orton Has Gone Viral RKOing The World

Randy Orton is not the most social person in the world he has proven that over the years. He is the biggest thing on Social Media at the moment at he is RKOing more people and stuff than we had ice bucket challenges last month. Maybe not to that level but Orton is everywhere. Here is a compliation of his greatest hits so to speak.

Wrestling wise Orton just signed a more veteran friendly part-timer style contract that allows him to be off most house shows and work a limited schedule. Orton is far more over right now than when he actually was the WWE World Heavyweight Champion in a less than memorable run at the end of 2013 until Wrestlemania 30. Orton is set to Face John Cena in what seems like the 2000th high profile match between the two and is not even their first encounter in the Hell in the Cell. But Randy is the Internet Champion of the moment. Zack Ryder is hiding under his bed clutching his self made Internet Title for fear Orton doesn't steal it.