Monday, October 6, 2014

Raw Preview: Reigns On Raw From Brooklyn

Roman Reigns will be on WWE television for the first time since his emergency hernia operation in Nashville a few weeks ago. Reigns told Sam Roberts in an interview that he is going to be at Raw that takes place this week from Barclay Center in Brooklyn, New York. He is expected to give an update on his injury status that by his own admission in this same interview is likely still at least a couple months away.

Last night on Total Divas, ironically one of the major angles was if Daniel Bryan would need to go through a second surgery to repair what is wrong with him. Keeping in mind, Total Divas can be at times about as real as Nikki’s breasts. The show did make it seem like Daniel Bryan himself was against having the second surgery and was looking to avoid it. An idea that John Cena saw has stupid and compared it to something being wrong with a car and it leading to other larger problems down the road. Cena is noted for his super human recover time from most injuries. It leads many to question the methods of how that is achieved but that is another story altogether.

Daniel Bryan has successfully fought avoided a second surgery and is on a timetable to come back hopefully by December-January. This is about the same time that Roman Reigns would be returning. Assuming the two do not have any setbacks having both comebacks at around the same time would speak a lot to the future of both in the short term.

The one great unknown is how fans will respond to all of this. We can safely assume they are going to explode for Daniel Bryan as they use any excuse to use the Yes chant even if it is for his wife Brie. Reigns was being positioned for a big monster push before injury took him out. The other factor to be considered is Dean Ambrose and the rise in his popularity that seems to be growing each week without Reigns or Bryan in the fold.

It will be interesting to see how Ambrose responds after last week. Ambrose has been even getting comparisons to Stone Cold Steve Austin. Speaking of which some are convinced Austin is planning to make a return to a WWE Ring for Wrestlemania 31 as Austin made some mention of trying to get in shape for another run. Austin has toyed with the idea of coming back when pressed on the issue but it remains to be seen if he will in fact stay motivated and interested to do so. The dream match people wanted to see for him however is miles from happening as C.M Punk and WWE are at odds perhaps even more than when he first left the company in January. If we do not get Austin against Punk, a match against Brock Lesnar would not exactly be advisable for Austin’s health. While a match with John Cena would be interesting but never, capture the imagination that an Austin against Punk battle would.

Raw is once again in hostile territory with a New York crowd that will be active and engaged with whatever is thrown in front of them. It makes for a unique and challenging environment but as was proven last week in Chicago one that motivates the WWE to put in more effort it seems on the surface.

In any case, with a crowd like that it make Raw even more interesting to tune in and watch. If Raw fails to entertain the sign and people watching never disappoints in a crowd like Brooklyn.

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