Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Raw At Least Got The Ending Right.

Raw seems like they are searching for answers in some ways. Seems WWE is trying to play with the format of the show in order to help ratings. This week instead of the long talking segment, we get John Cena and Dean Ambrose forced to tag in a match. They got jammed in a match with the Dust Brothers and Usos. They end up winning the match burying your top two tag teams battling for the title. After the match, Triple H declares they are going to have the proposed match at Hell in the Cell with John Cena and Dean Ambrose in a contract on a pole match. In the end, WWE was shuffling around the line-up of the show in attempt to help the ratings that have been on the decline. It is more or less shuffling the deck chairs on a sinking ship at this point.

In the end, Dean Ambrose is going to fight Seth Rollins in the Hell in the Cell. He won the main event with Cena being distracted to grab the contract and get the match all fans wanted to see. We are also getting the match no one wants to see with Cena and Orton in the cell as well. So the rumors on the internet have been proven to be true from weeks ago more or less.

This show had a lot of wrestling to it including the big match with Big Show and Rusev that ended in a DQ with the babyface Americans try to double team the heel Russian. Lana also made a compelling case against Christopher Columbus on the Columbus Day holiday.

A great match with Randy Orton and Dolph Ziggler but it meant little and Dolph losing hurts him and the title to some degree.

In the end, it was a highly uneventful Raw other than the final segment setting up the main event matches for the pay-per-view.

A couple of news items not long after Raw went off the air news broke that Justin Roberts will not have his contract option renewed and has been released from the WWE. Many people seemed stunned by the release of Roberts. He seemed like a decent enough guy but with all the cuts being made in WWE this year it hardly shocks to me. He is good at what he does and I wouldn’t be shocked if some MMA promotion looking for a little buzz picked him up to ring announce.

Other news is Daniel Bryan’s return is being pushed back again and he does not seem to be responding to treatment. The idea of a second surgery is again being talked about. I hate to say it but at some point when to we consider Daniel Bryan’s wrestling future may be in serious doubt from this. It certainly seems like he will never be the same as when he left. I would suspect he is going to have to tone down style quite a bit if he can return to the ring. I do thing the time has come to use the word if in terms of his return.

So, that is about all. This was not exactly a Raw to write home about in many respects. 

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