Monday, April 27, 2015

King of The Ring Returns to the WWE This Week

In case you've been out of the wrestling loop over the last 24 hours, the historic King of the Ring Tournament will be making it's return tonight on Monday Night Raw. The announcement was made in a promotional package for the WWE Network during the Extreme Rules PPV last night. The King of The Ring Tournament started in 1985 and then became it's own PPV in 1993. King of The Ring was one of the yearly traditional PPV's for the WWE back in the day. This will be the first King of The Ring Tournament since 2010. The first round matches will take place tonight on Raw and the Semi-Final and Final Round matches will take place LIVE on the WWE Network. In the picture down below is the bracket with the participants for this year's King of The Ring Tournament.

Here's the list of former King of the Ring Winner's. This list also features former WWE World Champions and Hall of Famers.

1985- Don Muraco
1986- Harley Race
1987-Randy Savage
1988- Ted DiBiase
1989- Tito Santana
1991- Bret Hart
1993- Bret Hart
1994- Owen Hart
1995- Mabel
1996- Stone Cold Steve Austin
1997- Triple H
1998- Ken Shamrock
1999- Billy Gunn
2000- Kurt Angle
2001- Edge
2002- Brock Lesnar
2006- Booker T
2008- William Regal
2010- Sheamus

This year's King of The Ring Tournament is very interesting because it features the top mid-card peformers for the WWE. You have a upstart in Neville. You have former Intercontinental Champions in Sheamus, Bad News Barrett, Stardust, Dolph Ziggler, and Luke Harper. Of course you got your wild cards in R-Truth and Dean Ambrose. WWE hasn't announced if the winner of this match gets a future title opportunity, but I think bringing back this tournament it's not only good for the mid-card and Monday Night Raw, but for the WWE Network as well.

One would suggest that the early favorites to win this King of The Ring Tournament would be Sheamus, Dolph Ziggler, Dean Ambrose or Bad News Barrett. If you look at the bracket up top you'll see there's some intrguing matchups and personally I'm really looking forward to see how this torunament will end up in the next two days.

For old time's sake I'm going to post a clip of one the most iconic King of The Ring moments.

I hope you guys enjoy the tournament on Raw tonight and on the WWE Network tomorrow. For more updates on the King of The Ring Tournament please stick tune to the website.

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