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5 Things To Expect on WWE Monday Night Raw 4/27/15

Welcome to this week's WWE Monday Night Raw preview. For those who didn't know I go to attend the Extreme Rules PPV last night in Chicago. I had a great time and I will talk about the live event experience at the PPV. Most of our fans shouldn't be suprised that James hated the PPV if you listen to last week's podcast you already knew this was going to happen. I happen to enjoy the PPV and I'll explain why and I'll also talk about what we can expect to see at the WWE Payback PPV which is coming up pretty soon. Here's five things you can expect on the Extreme Rules Fallout edition of WWE Monday Night Raw.

1.) Extreme Rules Fallout + Review 

I've been to good to historic PPV's at the Allstate Arena and I have been to disappointing PPV's at that same building. I stood off social media yesterday, so I can enjoy the show as a fan. Never said I was a expert I'm just a fan. I saw alot of people say that the PPV felt like a Raw and it was a disappointing PPV. I watched the show back on the Network fully both the kickoff show and the PPV. Being there in person I had a blast it was one of the better PPV experiences I had at the Allstate Arena. Loved the Neville/Barrett Match, The Street Fight was fun it was everything I expected it to be with a added bonus of them actually driving out of the arena, I loved the Tag Team Championship Match was surprised they won the title, but they're doing really good stuff as heels, I thought the Ziggler/Sheamus match was solid wish it had more time, but I was surprised that Ziggler picked up the victory, but once again Sheamus wins as heel of the night. I thought the Russian Chain Match was kind of clunky and disappointing that was probably one of the things I didn't enjoy about the PPV. The Divas match was okay, but there's many question marks with this Divas Division and I don't know who to cheer and it's time to bring in new Divas. I was really happy for Roman Reigns, Everybody said oh this was the "Last Man Awake" Match, but Big Show and Roman Reigns had the best match of the show. The Chicago crowd never disappoints doesn't matter what's on the card it makes the show alot more enjoyable because Chicago is not a "SMART" town it's a city that enjoys wrestling and they want to be there to have a good time. The main event was good I wouldn't call it great, but it served it's purpose and Rollins retain and I think this will be the beginning of the end of The Authority. Overall I had a good time at the PPV and was it the best one I've went to no, but it was one of the better ones I've went to and I don't regret going. I would give this show a B+.

2.) John Cena vs Rusev IV  

We're three weeks away from the WWE Payback PPV from Baltimore, Maryland which is another old-school wrestling town which will help the WWE in this PPV. You have three weeks before that show and I don't think that there will be much change as far as major feuds heading this PPV. I think we'll see a fair amount of rematches from this PPV on that PPV. We found out last night that John Cena will be defending his United States Championship against Rusev at Payback in a I Quit Match. Only problem I have with this match is that the I Quit match should have been the stipulation for their Extreme Rules Match. There's only way to go with this feud for Rusev and Cena as we head towards the PPV and that's just have Rusev come out and beat the crap out of Cena on every single Raw befor e the PPV because right now it's seems really obvious that Cena will not say "I Quit". As far as tonight is concern, I think that John Cena will defend the United States Championship against maybe Harper, Sheamus, or maybe a surprise pick in Neville.

3.) The Authority Issues

I think as we are on the road to WrestleMania 32 we'll be seeing the demise of The Authority. Obviously the Authority storyline will be dominating these Raw's during the summer it what it is. There was controversary with the Seth Rollins and Randy Orton Cage Match. There will be more issues with Kane and Seth Rollins. Will this time for Payback Kane will be the special guest referee? Will Kane will be inserted in this title picture and it would be a three way for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship? Last night we found out that the King of the Ring tournament will be back and it's seem that we'll be having the first round tournament matches on Raw tonight. What will be coming out of this tournament? Will the winner get an opportunity to face the WWE World Champion at Money in the Bank or Battleground? Lot's of questions, but that's what makes tonight's Raw very interesting not only for the fallout of the PPV, but also what we can expect to see for the world title picture during the summer. Expect a lot of bickering and shoving and pushing to start off Raw tonight, just for warning you.

4.) Divas Title Picture and WWE Tag Team Division's Future

Want to make this point brief, but it's obvious that both of these divisions has it's issues and instead of constantly barbing on our problems on it. How about we find a solution? I may be the only person on this site that doesn't always harp on the negatives all the time. It's time for the WWE to bring up a couple divas from NXT. Nikki Bella has been doing a good job as Divas Champion and she's not getting the respect she deserves. There's way too many heels in this Divas Division and it's heel's we don't care about and that's the problem. There's no reason to have Paige shooting a movie while the Divas Division is in a state of flux with AJ's retirement. I think we'll get another rematch with Nikki and Naomi for Payback, but we need to find out on Raw tonight what roles are these ladies protraying. Tonight I think we see Brie Bella vs. Naomi. The tag team division is in a interesting place as well because we got new Tag Team Champions who've been doing a stellar job as heel's recently. The Prime Time Players, Kidd/Cesaro and Lucha Dragons have doing a stellar job as well. If there's guys on the roster who are lost in the shuffle and are wrestling on Superstars and Main Event each week find somebody on the roster that you have chemistry with and become a tag team. The more teams that are join together the better you get with fresh matches on Raw and SmackDown. I think you can get a couple of good months with this New Day and Kidd/Cesaro feud, but sooner or later there's going to be alot of tag team turmoil matches for the Tag Team Championship until one of these tag teams standout from the pack.

5.) Payback Mid-Card

Could this King of the Ring tournament be used for the Intercontinental Championship? I don't know what's up with Daniel Bryan. Bryan gets injured so much and it's really unfortunate, but what know for the second straight Payback PPV Bryan has to be stripped out of the title? If not I think we see Bryan vs. Barrett at Payback. I think it would be cool to see a number one contenders match for the IC Title with Neville, Ambrose and Harper. I think we'll see Sheamus and Ziggler and I don't have a problem with that. Also if Roman and Big Show have a rematch will be this the retirement match for Big Show? I don't know who Bray Wyatt is talking about. The rumors are is that Bray will be feuding with Ryback I'm down for that actually because I like both of those guys and with any Wyatt feud always brings a sense of good character developement for his opponents. The mid-card will be similar to Extreme Rules, but it should have some solid matches in between and that's all i'm asking for when it comes to these in between summer PPV's.

I hope you guys enjoy this week's Raw Preview.

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Enjoy Raw!