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5 Things To Expect on WWE Monday Night Raw 4/13/15

RAW IS JERICHO!!!!!! Just kidding welcome to this week's WWE Monday Night Raw preview. I'm Joshua Lopez and I hope you guys had a tremendous weekend. Last week on Raw we found out that Daniel Bryan will defend his Intercontinental Championship against Bad News Barrett at Extreme Rules and we also found out that Randy Orton will take on Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at the same particular event. This week Raw invades Europe as WWE's flagship show is in London, England. We're 13 days away from the Extreme Rules PPV which will be live on the WWE Network on Sunday April 26 from Chicago, Illinois. To remind everybody that tonight's Raw is taped, so I'm not looking at the spoilers for tonight's show, but I will give you my predictions as far as what and should happen on tonight's show.

1.) Kalisto & Neville Progression + Divas Battle Royal 

Couldn't be happier for Kalisto and Neville! They've been doing a tremendous job since coming up to the main roster. I think as the months progress we as a fanbase need to lower our expectations for these particular NXT Superstars that come up to the main roster. You had your few exceptions like The Shield or The Wyatt Family where they automatically connected to the WWE Universe and were in those major feuds right off the bat. I've had no problem with what they've been doing with Kalisto and Neville so far less is more. I think bringing the Lucha Dragons to main roster has helped the tag team division. For tonight's Raw I think we'll see Lucha Dragons vs. The New Day or The Ascension. Would it be too soon to have the Lucha Dragons go after the tag team championships at Extreme Rules? As far as Neville is concern, look if the WWE thought that Neville was going to be a joke why would he have a two segment match with the WWE Champion Seth Rollins in his second bout since coming up to the main roster? I'm just happy the guy is up on the main roster. Who cares that they changed his name, who cares that he wears a robe, it's the same guy that you saw on NXT turn up a little bit. Do I see Neville competing for the mid-card titles soon? No and I don't think that he should be fightning for those titles yet. Okay he lossed in this second bout, is he buried now? No absolutely not. As far as tonight is concern I think you can mix in Neville into some of the mid-card feuds for this next PPV. For example tonight you can see maybe Neville vs. Luke Harper and then Dean Ambrose comes back and that programs begins or you can have Neville vs. Miz. Miz can be a the great heel guy who knocks down the rookie saying you don't belong here all that jazz and then you can have Neville/Miz and Mizdow cost Miz the match. There's many different ways you can go with Neville, but for me I think it will be a double whammy to have Neville in a match that can also set up a mid-card feud for Extreme Rules. Tonight WWE is having a battle royal to determine the Number One Contender for the Diva's Championship at Extreme Rules. Last week Naomi had a rough outing in her match against The Bella Twins, but this chick can go trust me she can be a great assett to this Divas division and I think that tonight you see Naomi or Paige win the battle royal.

2.) IC Title Picture 

The talk of the wrestling world for the last couple months was can the Intercontinental Championship be brought back to prevalence? Being a kid who grew up during the Attitude Era the IC Title wasn't always the vocal point of the show, so I don't get as outraged over a mid-card title like the folks who grew up in the 80's do. I think it's interesting that Daniel Bryan is the Intercontinental Champion and now we know that he will be defending his championship against the former champion Bad News Barrett at Extreme Rules. Here's the thing Extreme Rules has always been known for the particular gimmick and stipulation type of matches. Do you see one added to this IC Title match? Sheamus has came back with a blaze of glory. This heel turn has been best for business for not only the WWE, but for Sheamus as well. Sheamus comes out each week and he talks about hating well the vanilla midgets and that he's the real man's man. I think tonight we see Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan. I don't think that the IC Title match will change into another multiple person type of match. I think we find out that Sheamus will face Dolph Ziggler at Extreme Rules. So for tonight I think we see Bryan and Ziggler vs. Barrett and Sheamus. We'll find out whether there will be a stipulation added to the either Barrett/Bryan or Sheamus/Ziggler matches at Extreme Rules.

3.) John Cena vs. Rusev III 

So we know that the rematch is set for Extreme Rules between Rusev and John Cena. You don't have to complicate anything with this storyline it's speaks for itself. Rusev feels that he didn't lose at WrestleMania. John Cena is the fighting american champion. We got the pay per view coming up soon in Chicago which is a very important town for John Cena on many ends from a positive and a negative standpoint. When you try to figure out a stipulation for a match with these two particular superstars it becomes challenging, but i'm going throw out a couple stipulations if they happen cool if not hey at least I gave it the college try. Here's the following stipulations that I feel could be added to the John Cena/Rusev match at Extreme Rules: "I Quit", Last Man Standing, Chicago Street Fight or a Chain Match. What I do know is that this match will be a war and who knows maybe this match will have a color, but at the end of the day I don't think either guy gets negatively effected whether they win or lose this match. Tonight for the John Cena open challenge I think we see John take on actually Bad News Barrett why not. I think what's important tonight is that we see Rusev lay out John Cena and we found out what's the stipulation for that match at Extreme Rules

4.) The Authority vs. Roman Reigns & Ryback! Plus Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins 

Raw tonight it's going to be interesting to see what the WWE does with Roman Reigns. It's been speculated that Roman may fight the Big Show at Extreme Rules in a Last Man Standing Match. I think it would be good to bring back a tag team Chicago Street Fight with Roman Reigns & Ryback vs. Kane & Big Show. As far as tonight is concern I think we see maybe Ryback vs. Big Show or Kane. I think for the Seth Rollins/Randy Orton program I think that will the Extreme Rules Match you'll see at the PPV. I think tonight on Raw we'll see maybe I'll throw this match out there Orton vs. Cesaro. Then for Seth I think maybe he takes on maybe Ryback or Dolph Ziggler. Is there any possibility that Roman Reigns get sidetracked from Bray Wyatt and you see the beginning of the Bray/Roman Reigns program? I think that would be a good swerve just in case the Authority/Reigns & Ryback match doesn't happen at Extreme Rules.

5.) Extreme Rules 2015 Match Card 

WWE is in a good position with the fact that they have a great crowd in London tonight for Raw. When you have these gimmicky type of ppv's these types of crowds help the builds for these particular ppv's. It's important to get Extreme Rules established on Raw tonight with the match card and everything. Here's a proposed lineup for the PPV with the stipulation added to the matches.

1.) The Miz vs. Mizdow

2.) Tables Match
Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper

3.) No Holds Barred Match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship
Daniel Bryan (c) vs. Bad News Barrett

4.) Strap Match
Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler

5.) Chain Match for the United States Championship
John Cena (c) vs. Rusev

6.) WWE Divas Championship Match
Nikki Bella (c) vs. Paige

7.) Chicago Street Fight Match
Kane & Big Show vs. Roman Reigns & Ryback

8.) Extreme Rules Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Seth Rollins (c) vs. Randy Orton

I hope you guys enjoyed this week's Raw preview article. Don't look at spoilers it does ruin the experience of watching wrestling shows trust me I know from experience. I hope you guys enjoy the show tonight it should be a lot of fun.

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