Thursday, March 5, 2015

NXT Report: March 4th 2015

This is likely long overdue but welcome to the first ever NXT Report here on Condo on the Moon. If you have listened to our podcast, you know how much I love NXT in fact who doesn’t love NXT. It is a big weekend for the WWE’s Developmental brand, as they will be appearing at the Arnold Classic on the weekend. This will be the first venture outside of Florida for NXT as a whole. A big step as Triple H has stated he wants to see NXT expand and tour doing some live events in the future going forward.

A couple of notes on this new venture it will be spoiler free for the most part and follow what is going on with the product based on the most recent T.V. Any reference to future events are just speculation and is not based on info gather from spoilers.

So, here are some thoughts based on this week’s episode of NXT:

We had a couple of squash matches featuring NXT Tag Team Champions Blake and Murphy who have flipped the script to being heels. They are being positioned to face the much-loved team of Enzo and Big Cass. Who cut a promo with Carmella declaring their intentions to become #1 Contender to the tag team titles. Not sure if it was Blake or Murphy, but one of them hit a pretty nice frog splash covering 3/4 of the ring to get the win.

The other jobber match saw Baron Corbin squash some poor sap with The End of Days. The NXT crowd tried to do their counting gimmick but it appeared they were trying to kill that by have a long pause before Corbin and his prey locked up. Corbin has definitely had a noticeable drop in his buzz since his brutal match with Bull Dempsey. It was a horrible match and exposed Corbin for being not ready for prime time.

Solomon Crowe had a match over the aforementioned Bull Dempsey and came out on top. I wasn’t blown away with his in ring work but maybe Bull Dempsey just makes people look bad at the end of the day.

Segments of note on this show included Bayley wishing Charlotte luck in here title match with Sasha. After which Emma came along and suggested to Bayley that acting nice was what got Emma back in NXT. Some might say it was a terrible pairing with Santino, a shoplifting incident at a Walmart and a general failure to get over but let’s go with she was too nice for sake of storyline.

Sami Zayn had a taped promo that he claimed was taped from his home in Montreal. He talked about not being mental right to compete right now. He stated he has yet to watch back the match he lost against Kevin Owens yet but will and promises to return to NXT. He also made mention of all the changes in the short time he has been gone. So it appears if Sami is going to the main roster he will at least have one more run of matches on NXT.

Speaking of Kevin Owens, he was on the show again. At the start of the show, Alex Riley who Owens attacked last week was in Regal’s office begging for a match with Owens. Regal stated that he could not be a commentator and competitor in NXT. Later in the night, Kevin Owen came out, starred at Riley, and eventually dumped water on his head. Jason Albert restrained Riley and Steen calmly walked away. Riley stormed into Regal’s office as he was talking with C.J Parker. Riley said he wanted to wrestle and wanted Owens. Regal stated he needed to sign a talent contract and he would get to fight Owens but only when Regal deemed he was ready. C.J Parker chimed in stating he has been the only person that ever hurt Owens and Riley had no chance. This sets up Riley and Parker for next week.

Alexa Bliss was back and stated she is ready to compete and looking for revenge against Sasha Banks regardless of if she retained her title or not. Banks apparently broke Alexa's nose and she has been out as a result. Don’t remember that happening, but hey, its part of the story now.

Divas always get a chance on NXT and that includes main eventing as Sasha defended her title against Charlotte. It was a great match that really showed off the flexibility of Charlotte. It also showed the growing aggression in Sasha Banks. Charlotte survived many submission attempts after stopping Banks from running out on the match and taking a count out loss but keeping the title. In the end, Banks would get a pinfall using the ropes for leverage keeping this feud alive if they choose to do so. Charlotte has been another name rumored to be heading to the main roster. Her not regaining the title adds fuel to that speculation.

Last note on NXT mark your calendar as the week of Wrestlemania on Wednesday we will be getting Kevin Owens defending his title against Finn Balor. It should be an amazing match that likely will be better than many at Wrestlemania.

So, that was your NXT Report look for this every Thursday going forward here in Condo on the Moon. Don’t forget tomorrow night that we have the Condo on the Moon Podcast.