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5 Things To Expect on WWE Monday Night Raw 3/23/15

How's thing going? Welcome to the final Raw preview before WrestleMania 31! It's been a fun ride getting to do these previews during this crazy road to WrestleMania. Alot of people say that the build towards WrestleMania has been lackluster, but I disagree because, more people are talking about this WrestleMania then they did for the 30th Anniversary of WrestleMania. Whether good or bad or indifferent people are talking and amongst all these "controversies" brings a high level on intrigued not only on tonight's Raw, but also WrestleMania this Sunday. I'll be in San Jose this weekend love meet to some of the fans of the Condo On The Moon website and podcast. Tonight on Raw we have a couple special guest since Raw is at the Staples Center tonight which should bring a interesting crowd instead of the past three go-home shows that were in Washington and Atlanta. Snoop Doog will be making a guest appearance and also ESPN and Grantland founder Bill Simmons will be calling some matches tonight. So with that here's five things to expect on the final Raw before WrestleMania. 

1.) Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar


I will be sharing the comments that Brock Lesnar made from last week's Raw. Speaking of last week's Raw, Paul Heyman once again continues to blow us away with his ability to out do himself in his promos. I've been so bored with the whole Roman Reigns bashing or whatever you want to call this backlash towards him. It is what it is the main event is set and unlike other people I'm going to give you a look as to what they can do to make this match interesting. Tonight on Raw there's supposed to be a face-to-face segment between both the champion and the challenger. I'm figuring that this will close the show tonight or at least it should, but I wouldn't be surprised if they want this segment to start off the second or third hour's of the show. Anyways, I guess one of the only problems I've had so far with the presentation of Roman Reigns since he's came back from his injury is that we've not been given a solid reason to have a emotional investment in anything Roman Reigns. What do I mean by that? Well, WWE can say "Oh look at this guy, he has the look, he's from one of the greatest families in the wrestling business" Okay I know that, but how is Roman going to make himself standout from his other family members if he's not allowed to speak for himself. You constantly see people cutting him off when he starts talking then they start putting him over and kissing his ass. I like Roman Reigns don't get me wrong I want him to succeed, but if Roman's going to be the "next guy" you have make the fans care about him and drive away the John Cena stigma that's attached to him. Tonight on Raw It shouldn't be about Reigns talking to Paul, you should see Roman talk to Brock. We'll hear what Heyman has to say that's a given and then if a brawl happens and they want to go with this Reigns can't beat Lesnar campaign, then you have Brock lay him out with a F5! Also a wild card I think if it's possible and if he's there maybe The Rock shows up on Raw, but still even then you can have Reigns sidetracked then Brock lays out The Rock afront of Reigns and that can play off to the "rumored" main event of next year's WrestleMania "Brock Lesnar vs The Rock" Tonight is very important for this feud. You want to gain the heat and anticipation for this PPV and this match alone? You have to get the crowd off their feet and WWE is lucky they have a great crowd afront of them.

2.) Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins

I guess one of the benefits that comes with having "part-timers" associated with major matches on a WrestleMania card is that with Raw you can pay attention to feuds that usuallly wouldn't been given the time its deserved. You have one of the simplest feuds in the WWE right now and it's really interesting that the Orton & Rollins storyline has been dominating the Raw's on the road to WrestleMania. Which is cool for Rollins because he's getting more and more practice to succeed on high pressure situations especially like a main event segment when a major PPV is coming up. Last week Rollins seemed to be "dismissed" by The Authority, but that didn't last long when Rollins and Authority tricked Orton and that plan was haulted by Sting! On SmackDown JJ Security had a group of security men and women to keep Randy Orton out of the building. That didn't work out and Orton has been on a RKO spree over the last couple of weeks. While Rollins continues to run away it does remind you of the feud with Punk and Orton from WrestleMania 27, but on a higher scale due to the fact that both of these guys were associated with each other with The Authority for over 5 months last year. Tonight should be interesting just to see if Orton is going to be in a match or not. Will Rollins wrestle? I think tonight you'll see Orton be put in a handicap match wtih Big Show & Kane. Orton will win and then all the Authority will come in and attack Randy Orton and just as Orton takes all the guys out Rollins comes from behind with the briefcase hits him in the back of the head and then gives Orton a Curb Stomp! You put Orton in a vunderable situation and you also put Rollins over on a major show before Mania. Have to give Rollins and Orton a big round of applause for carrying major segments of Raw over the last couple of weeks.

3.) John Cena vs. Rusev

Not even going to give that fake Russian Lawyer any attention in this piece. There's no reason to have one of your best on-air personalities shooting a movie during the road to WrestleMania it's just dumb and not necessary. For what Rusev and John Cena said to each other I enjoyed. Like I've said before not a John Cena fan, but I have alot of respect for him and he's been more enjoyable to watch over the last couple of weeks and I'm not afraid to say that. His promos have been fantastic and this is a simple feud with a simple opponent and that's not taking a dig at Rusev it's showing that less is more. Rusev has been doing a tremendous job as a heel especially with him talking more and getting heat by himself. I'm going to share the interview that John Cena conducted with Michael Cole and I want you guys to listen closely to what he says. What I like about this feud is that I don't know what happens next for John Cena. There's so many options to go with this feud and if John Cena loses maybe we don't see John Cena for awhile. Tonight I think we see Cena get the best of Rusev and hold up the United States Championship. I hope Lana is on the show she's a major assett to Rusev character development and you don't see that from other managers unless your name is Paul Heyman and that's saying something. 

4.) The Undertaker vs. Bray Wyatt + Triple H vs Sting 

It was nice seeing Sting on Raw last week and getting to talk to the WWE Universe. I mention last week we need more to this Triple H and Sting feud. I'm happy he's here and he's my favorite non WWE Superstar of all-time. What's coming out of this Triple H/Sting match? Sting says that he's here to take Hunter down, but if he beats him at WrestleMania and Hunter is on Raw the next night did he really do anything? I heard reports about Sting being in Los Angeles for tonight's Raw and I think he should be there. Tonight I think we do see a in-ring segment with Triple H and Sting and Sting will probably challenge Hunter for his "Authority" in the WWE. I think it would be really interesting if Vince came out on the show tonight and say that "I was the guy that brought Sting to the WWE and you've let me down and I told you to fix this and you didn't so I had to do it myself" BOOM!!!!!!! After that I think it would be important to have Hunter one up Sting before their match at Mania. As far as the Taker/Wyatt match goes I've been really impressed with Bray Wyatt no matter what happens in this match I think Wyatt will be elevated! Tonight is the last night to fight off the rumor that the WWE is holding Taker off until the PPV! I think it would be right to decision to hold Taker from appearing in person, but that doesn't mean you can't have Taker conduct a pre-tape video package where he talks about moving on from losing The Streak and he can talks about his feelings toward Bray Wyatt. They could go big on the hocus pocus stuff especially being at the Staples Center. I'm really interested in seeing what they do with Wyatt on the show tonight.

5.) IC Title + Mania Mid-Card feuds plus Raw matches 

I've been loving what they've been doing with the build towards this Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match. The gaunlet match from SmackDown was one of the best matches I've seen this year and it crazy to think they've been spending an average 30-35 minutes of TV time on the IC Title feud. As far as tonight is concern here's the following the matches that you can see on the show tonight. I think we Daniel Bryan vs Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler vs Luke Harper, and R-Truth vs Stardust and you have Bad News Barrett on the commentary! Tonight you'll probably see AJ Lee vs Brie Bella or you can do this and you can have a Divas Title match between Paige and Nikki Bella and then you have Paige win and after the match you can have The Bella Twins snap and say that they've had enough of diva's like you and being constatnly disrespected by the crowd. After that they can say if you guys beat us we're gone from the WWE for good. We'll probably see more names added to the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal and then obviously for the Tag Team Championship feud you can see Los Matadores and Cesaro/Tyson Kidd vs The Usos and The New Day. 

Before we head out here I wanted to congratulations to Kevin Nash becoming the newest member of the WWE Hall of Fame well deserved. This will probably be my last time on the site before the big show so I wanted to put my predictions for the show.

1.) Dean Ambrose wins the Ladder Match and becomes the new Intercontinental Champion after Sheamus cost Bryan the Ladder Match 

2.) Randy Orton over Seth Rollins 

3.) Cesaro & Kidd retain the Tag Team Championship 

4.) The Miz wins the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal 

5.) AJ Lee & Paige over The Bella Twins 

6.) Sting over Triple H 

7.) Wyatt over Taker

8.) Rusev retains the United States Championship 

9.) Roman Reings wins the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

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