Sunday, March 1, 2015

Brock Lesnar Turns Up Heat On WWE By Showing Up At UFC 184

After walking out on Raw on Monday, on Saturday Brock Lesnar the current WWE Champion walked into the Staples Center to watch Ronda Rousey make history. Rousey would watch him capture the WWE Heavyweight Title in the same building smashing John Cena. It may be a decision the WWE will really regret.

Dana White the UFC president before Dave Meltzer could ask the question as to why Brock was there he asked it for him. In answering his own question, he said that Lesnar was in town and wanted to see the fights. White also said that Brock is under contract to WWE and he said the day after that contract ends he expects to hear from Lesnar.

White has been hinting at conversations he has had with Lesnar but because of the obvious threat of a tampering legal action from WWE will say with a twinkle in his eye that Brock and I are friends and did not talk business. This is about as believable as Nikki Bella joining the UFC and defeating Ronda Rousey in the Octagon.

It has been rumored the dispute on Monday was about a new contract Brock wanted with WWE that would allow him to fight for UFC. Dana White offered no comment, or was asked, if he would be on board for such a scenario as has been rumored. Bellator the competitor to the UFC has had former WWE star and current TNA wrestler Bobby Lashley fight for their organization while under contract with TNA. The WWE is not TNA though and it would be unlikely they ever agree to such an arrangement. 

White made a lot of news announcing that C.M Punk signed with the UFC in December and would fight at some point in 2015 in the UFC.

The idea the WWE keeps trying to push that they are not in direct competition with the UFC is becoming even more of a joke by the day. Lesnar is next scheduled to appear for the WWE on March 9th and if he doesn’t you have to wonder if he would pull a C.M Punk like move and walkout if he does get what he wants with a new deal allowing him to work for both UFC and WWE. This would throw the Wrestlemania main event that had been already in trouble due to fans rejection of Roman Reigns into a tailspin.

The more likely is Lesnar plays out his contract and signs with the UFC practically moments after he is pinned to the mat by Roman Reigns. Dana White seems very confident that he will have Brock back as soon as that match is over. Rumors of a Ronda Rousey appearance at Wrestlemania have been out there as well. She will not be fighting anytime soon as she is booked to do another movie. So maybe, Dana should just tag along and he can sign Brock, as he makes his exit from the ring while the fireworks are going off for Roman Reigns.

In any case the WWE has be pretty pissed to see their Champion on the UFC PPV and not even recognized as being a part of the WWE. In fact, just as a former UFC legend. WWE often feared C.M Punk would be made to look foolish in his appearances as a fan when he worked for the company. They rejected him permission to walk out for a fight with his friend Chael Sonnen in Chicago.

Add in the fact that the WWE has been taking heat for not using their women correctly and we had a UFC show draw a larger gate than Summerslam in the same venue with a show headlined by two women’s matches. It all adds up to a big in your face to Vince McMahon and the WWE.

Brock is as good as gone at this point.