Friday, March 13, 2015

Condo On Moon Podcast #52: Rocky Road To San Jose

We breakdown a Raw that was memorable for how bad it was. So much bad in this week but from her Flintstones based promo to her delusional self impression Nikki Bella finds a way to stand out in a sea of bad. Nikki has a dream to be the female Rock and we have a dream to have a women's champion that actually has talent. We re-cap another season finale of Total Divas that will make us all a little worse off for doing. In addition not all bad news as we talk about who is returning to ROH and who might be going. While NXT seems to eye ROH talent as they look to stock up and become a legitimate separate brand from WWE. All of this in 90 minutes plus with James Borbath and Chris Walder as your guides down this Wrestlemania highway to hell.

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Can it get worse on this road to Wrestlemania? Let's put it this way I need a fast forward button or a stop button not some play button at this stage. Will be back next week regardless of if things improve or not.