Monday, April 14, 2014

We Book It: Push, Re-Package, Your Fired

I came up with a concept for Aubrey Sitterson’s Straight Shoot You Tube series it is a simple but fun concept. It is called Push, Repackage and Fire. We get to play booker and take three talents and decide what to do with them. Pretty relevant given that WWE will likely face a lot of these choices with their roster growing and looking to push new talents while making hard decisions on the future of others. Basically it is the wrestling version of screw, marry and kill game.

So now that you understand the concept it is TIME TO PLAY THE GAME. So today let’s introduce the three talents that we are going to play the game with:

Brodus Clay, Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler

Push: Dolph Ziggler

Ok, I know that this seems obvious choice from this group. Everyone loves Dolph and wants to see this happen but his popularity has faded or he has been buried however you see it. So how do we make this push happen?  Dolph basically starts his push by admitting that he has fallen off a cliff and is not getting anywhere on his own. He seeks out someone to manage his career so he can just focus on getting it done in the ring. He makes an attempt to become a Paul Heyman Guy that will eventually fail and result in a feud with Cesaro. He will not get wins but will have great matches as a result. You introduce a new character that comes out and watches a couple of the matches between the two. This mystery man or woman will become Dolph’s manager and will basically keep Dolph from going to far both with his in ring style and with his promo’s. Dolph eventually gets frustrated and leaves this to manager despite the success he will have. Finally he breaks away and the success continues. Perhaps winning an I-C title and unifying it with U.S Title while with this new manager would work as part of this push.

That is a rough outline as for the manager I am not sure who you would use for it. I prefer someone more serious in the role rather than comedic although with Dolph someone like a Sylvester Lefort would make sense if you are familiar with him from NXT. He would not be my first choice personally.   

Repackage: Brodus Clay

Clay popped up on NXT and I suggest we give him a brand new gimmick like they did with Husky Harris now Bray Wyatt. I have the ticket for him and it works with a current NXT Performer actually you could use one or two but I am going with a guy that is remaining in NXT for the moment. Tyler Breeze has a tremendous gimmick going in NXT and I am going to give him another accessory to the product. Clay as many know was in real life a body guard for Snoop Dogg/Lion. Art will imitate life as Breeze will hire Clay to be his personal security. This will not be comedic like Jericho with Ralphus back in WCW. Clay is going be the hitman for Breeze and help him climb to the top. Think more like Diesel and Shawn Micheals as how this gimmick will work. Clay won't call your mom he will take her out if she gets in the way of Tyler Breeze. Dress him up in a suit and maybe even get rid of the funky hair style. 

Fire: Jack Swagger

WWE has done all they can to get Jack Swagger over and he has just dropped the ball over and over again. I mean we had a forgettable run as World Champion that most people probably forgot even happened. He got a new gimmick and Zeb Colter and a World Title match at Wrestlemania and almost instantly got busted for DUI. Swagger is great in the ring but has never been able to cut a promo and he has let opportunity after opportunity pass him by. So once Cesaro puts the boots to him he is done. Wait though we can’t get rid of Grandpa Zeb right everyone loves him. No worries he will become part of the Wyatt’s and act as a manager for Luke Harper and Eric Rowan as you look to push Bray Wyatt more as a singles star. Zeb doesn’t have to change all that much as the Wyatt’s could easily believe in his radical agenda and world view. 

So that’s a wrap did you like what I did or does my booking suck? You can let me know on Twitter @Dinonationblog or better yet like us on Facebook and tell me there. In addition I want to make this segment interactive with all of you so make your suggestions. Make them realistic or be off the wall I will try and make it work and come up with something creative for everyone to enjoy. They won’t always work out but that is part of the fun. It is like our very own spit ball booking session that you can enjoy every week in the Condo on the Moon on a Monday.