Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ring of Honor Heading To PPV

Big news from Ring of Honor wrestling they are making the jump to Pay-Per-View. This comes on the heels of the news of Direct-T.V saying they will no longer be carrying WWE PPV’s. In addition TNA in recent years has scaled back to just four PPV’s in a year.

Just announced on Thursday: On June 22, 2014 Best in the World from Nashville, Tennessee which is right in the backyard of TNA will be the site for this PPV. While TNA continues to flounder and many wonder loudly on what their future will be with Spike T.V? It seems Ring of Honor is gaining ground at a rapid rate. They already have made big news partnering with New Japan Pro Wrestling for shows in Toronto and New York on May 10th in Toronto and the 17th in New York that are both sold out. The company had well over 1000 people in attendance for Super Card of Honor in New Orleans part of Wrestlemania weekend.

TNA continues to make negative headlines for how few people they are drawing to events and their last PPV was widely panned for lack of attendance and some horrible booking. The creative of the company has also come under fire with John Gaburick in charge who has really no experience at this position and news that Christy Hemme former playboy model and WWE Performer currently TNA ring announcer has been added to creative. Court Bauer went into depth on this on the recent edition of Bauer and Pollock.

Perception is reality and no place is that more true than in the wrestling business. TNA seems like a company on its way to being out of business while ROH seems like the rising company that is growing. This likely is the reality but regardless of it is or isn’t that is the perception out there. 

The co-promoted shows with New Japan Pro Wrestling is scheduled to be on I-PPV through U-stream. ROH had started to build momentum in the past and had some disasters with I-PPV that really set them back for a period on time. They have come back stronger and are now looking to jump even further.

TNA has been making the news for the people leaving their promotion with Sting signed to join WWE and Hogan already there along with many TNA Talents like Micky James, A.J Styles and a long list of others have been shown the door or dove of the sinking ship. ROH has added Styles along with Chris Hero who was let go from WWE Developmental.

ROH also is keeping its eye on the future with a new thing they are kicking off this weekend called Future of Honor which takes place this weekend in Newville, P.A. Coming up in the IWC Podcast tomorrow we have Ethan Page one of the young talents that will be appearing on that card as a guest. He described the show as a way for ROH to look at new talent in front of an ROH crowd in an ROH ring. Call it a very minor version of what the WWE is doing with NXT would not be an unfair comparison. 

ROH seems to really be making a push to become bigger and could ultimately be the number two company in wrestling behind the WWE by the end of 2014 depending on how things work out. TNA needs to stop looking up at WWE and start looking behind them at ROH or they very well could be left in the dust.

Update 1pm

Court Bauer who works in some advisory role with ROH made comments on this big news on his website. 

Many ROH performers were on Social Media spreading the word. Michael Elgin was taking questions so I asked the obvious one with the new today:

Not just because he is stronger than a bear but I would agree with Michael Elgin this could be a huge chance for ROH to make some waves.