Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Raw Notebook: April 21st, 2014

Another Raw in the books and the post mania hangover feels well under way. Daniel Bryan would return to T.V after is honeymoon. Something that I was unaware of at time of watching Raw, Bryan’s father had passed away over the weekend. This might explain why Bryan never ended up saying a word on the mic on this show.

Kane vs. Bryan

The effort of the WWE to get over Kane Bryan feud was tremendous. The show would start with Bryan and Bri coming out together and being interrupted by Stephanie. She sarcastically congratulates them on their marriage and suggests that Bryan should have Bri get out of the line of fire after what Kane said last week. Cue Kane coming out and Stephanie admonishing Kane before he ever appeared to not come out. He would of course nail Bryan with a tombstone which prompts Stephanie to suggest Bri should run which she does. The tombstone party would go on to steel steps. Steph call for EMT’s and Kane takes Bryan of a backboard with neck brace that he rips off. He drags a lifeless Bryan to the announce table and yet a third tombstone of the announce table. Bryan is carted off and Stephanie in the ring with Daniel Bryan’s titles and encourages the audience to cheer for Bryan. She also prior had called Kane a bastard for what he had done.

These beat down moments were highlighted throughout the show. It was an amazing effort by WWE to get this feud from out of no where over. That said for long time fans that have seen Kane come back as this monster so many times it kind of rings hallow.

Wyatts vs. Cena

Bray Wyatt continues to shine on the mic in this program. It has not exactly the smoothest program but the one consistent thing in it has been Bray Wyatt.  Bray cut a promo about remembering the first time he heard the truth how it had a bitter taste in his mouth. He would go on to say that tonight would be a create night for truth. John Cena’s fate would be in the hands of the WWE Universe they could have Cena in a one on one match with Luke Harper, or him and Rowan with the last option being all the Wyatt Family

Well the audience went for the all 3 option and Cena almost beat the odds in the match before the Wyatt’s would get Dqed and layout Cena to close the show. 

For this program to be ultimately successful Bray Wyatt must go over at the Extreme Rules event. If he doesn’t what was the point of all this?


  • I admit I actually liked Torito (If that is how you spell it) the little bull against a 3MBed up Hornswaggle. I may need help.
  • Pink Cobras and the New Divas Champion are in trouble and need help. Emma more than Paige but these girls need life preserves fast and it isn’t a pink sock puppet.
  • Ryback on commentary that happened. I do agree with his assessment of Cole, King and JBL sucking. Head scratching moment this was for sure overall.

I-C Champ In Trouble

If you Big E Langston safe to say you are about to see your I-C run come to end. First they took away his Langston and now it looks like his title as well. Once again two of the best matches on the show were part of this I-C title tournament with Cesaro getting cost the win by Jack Swagger and RVD advances to the final while Bad News Barrett got the win over Sheamus.

There was a leaked script that had Cesaro listed as facing Big E at Extreme Rules but now it looks like we are heading to an RVD vs. Cesaro match and Barrett vs. Big E. I am not as excited about this as I would have been had Cesaro been the guy looking to take that I-C Belt.
The goal of this tournament was to restore some lustre on the I-C belt and I am not sure if Barrett winning the belt will bring that same push to the help restore the title. Hope I am wrong as Barrett could really make something of a great run with I-C title. He really deserves it for all he has been through and put up with in terims of some horrible creative and usage of him.

Evolution vs. Shield

This is being booked like the main event angle and the Shield laid down some epic verbal smack down. This is a passing of the torch it would appear and a well deserved one. I haven’t been crazy about how all of this is being booked but if at the end of all of this The Shield is standing tall that is all that matters.

I was happier with this week than last week allowing all three of the members to do their thing on Mic. I am convinced that all three of these guys will be stars and The Shield will be a group that lives on through WWE for years to come even after these 3 part ways.

While I was one of many that was excited to see these three breaks off on their own it has actually been cool to see them stick together for a little longer.

That is about it for Raw. The post mania glaze over is starting to kick in and I am pretty concerned with the start to the Daniel Bryan’s title run. Will see how it all goes down but this is an exciting time of transition for the WWE. It just might not be as smooth or as fast a drive as we may like. The future is bright even if the present is a bit of a mixed bag at the moment.