Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Raw Notebook: Wrestmania Here We Come

It is human nature to complain about things, especially when it comes to something as subjective as wrestling but let’s give WWE some credit for the final segment of Raw prior to Wrestlemania 30. The final match featured Batista vs.Randy Orton which was suppose to be your Wrestlemania main event once upon a time. Out at ringside were both Triple H and Steph.

After over 6 months of Daniel Bryan being left for dead after countless pay-per views and Raw’s he finally got the upper hand prior to the biggest show of the year. Bryan would attack Triple H from out of no where beating him down. He would turn his focus to the ring and go after Batista and Orton. The show ends with Daniel Bryan leading the crowd in a “Yes! Yes! Yes!” chant.

It has been a rocky and winding road to this Wrestlemania but we got the ending that we deserved at the end of it all. It seems fairly safe to say Mania itself will have the final ending we all desire as well. So in the end there might not be a CM Punk match to look forward too but had there been one safe to say we are not getting this moment.

If CM Punk does make his way back to WWE at some point you have a great angle to bring him back as a monster heel.

Another person who seldom gets credit is John Cena from most wrestling fans over the age of nine. A stumble out of the gate but since the build to his match with Bray Wyatt has been tremendous. The climax to this build saw John Cena dressed plain with a sheep mask and sneaked up from behind and attacked the Wyatt family.

I still question if the result of this match, will end up being good.  It seems unlikely John Cena would lose this match. If that is true can Bray Wyatt really elevates himself? Let’s have a little faith and say he can given the great job they have done with this build you can tell a lot of care is being taken with his character to this point.

The show last night started with a very predictable Brock Lesnar F-5 to the Undertaker. I am so out of caring about this match as the build has been boring and predictable from the start. All I hope for is the Undertaker survives from this match in the reality of things. Lesnar is not the safest worker for himself or anyone in the ring with him or even fans at ringside.

Despite a rather strange and crazy road to Wrestlemania we have got to the destination that fans have wanted and really that is all the WWE can do at the end of the day.

Will have the IWC pod cast with a preview of Wrestlemania and fingers crossed a special guest later this week as well. So stay tuned to the Condo on the Moon and help us build are awareness with wrestling fans. I have really been enjoying interacting with people on all levels in wrestling world.

Lots of great stuff is sure to be found all over the internet in the build up to Wrestlemania. It is always a great time of year to be a wrestling fan be it attending the event itself or just enjoying all the content it provides.