Thursday, May 21, 2015

Samoa Joe Makes Surprise Debut On NXT Unstoppable

Kevin Owens after laying waste to Sami Zayn with their match ending in a no-contest of sorts was confronted by Samoa Joe. Yes you heard that right Samoa Joe, not Joe Samoa or some other WWE re-branded name. He would come out and save Zayn from even more of a beating and get in the face of Kevin Owens.

Add him to the list of people on Owens plate, as Owens will face John Cena in a week and a half at Elimination Chamber. This all set up by his attack on Cena as he shocked the world coming out confronting him during Cena's U.S Open Challenge. Finn Balor has also earned the right for another shot at Owens being named the number one-contender last night defeating Tyler Breeze. Even William Regal might be a potential Owens opponent as he was headbutted by Owens in the chaos of people trying to stop Owens from continuing his attack on Sami Zayn.

If all of that isn't enough they had Hideo Itami get attacked in the parking lot and gave the impression that Owens may well have been the attacker. Setting up an Itami vs Owens match when he returns from shoulder procedure that is expected to put him on the shelf for 6 months.

As for Samoa Joe the day prior Triple H played things very cool admitting Joe had been to the performance center but he said they may have only talked for about five minutes. Joe also had independent bookings that went into June. This made many feel that all the speculation around Wrestlemania was perhaps not going to happen with him signing in the WWE. He had a brief run with ROH that ended just after that weekend.

What we didn't see on the NXT special was Joe speak but he did address the live NXT crowd after the show went off the air. Here is what he had to say in this exclusive video.

Triple H was also asked about if he felt that NXT with developing and touring this new brand was not competition for Ring of Honor. He denied it was and that WWE's success helps all wrestling thrive. Tell that to ROH that is watching all of it's top stars become even bigger stars with WWE. The list grows longer with perhaps arguably the greatest ROH Champion of all in Samoa Joe who also has wasted many years working with TNA. The only feud that TNA ever had that was a huge draw saw Joe matched up with former WWE star and still with TNA Kurt Angle.

Joe is gonna kill you rang out from the NXT crowd as Owens decided he would wait for another day to deal with him. It really seems like NXT is becoming this super independent brand that is far from independent. I heard what Triple H said but you have to wonder how places like ROH and other top companies on the independents can hope to keep talent if NXT continues to move in such big and bold steps. Joe might not be the only one killing things at the end of it all.