Thursday, May 7, 2015

Happy Birthday Kevin Steen: It's Been A Big Year

To say it has been an exciting and eventful thirtieth year for Kevin Steen. He started the year finishing-up a long run in Ring of Honor and being a part of their first ever-live PPV. He from there would go onto what amounted to a good will tour from independent company to independent company across the North America.  A notable stop in the journey was in PWG where he claimed he was off to help El Generico with the orphans in Mexico. Other claims were he was going to be a whale trainer at Marineland.

In reality none of these was the truth, everyone was in on the gag as rumors of Kevin taking his talents to Florida, and NXT to be a part of the WWE had been flying around before this exodus tour began. Kevin left everything he knew for a chance to cash in a dream in the WWE. He packed up his family and moved to Florida.

Many of his fans worried what the WWE could do to screw up Kevin and thus lose the performer they loved. To be honest not a lot has changed he is still Kevin to this day now with the last name Owens instead of Steen. This was in tribute to his son and the late Owen Hart. Once in the system Kevin really worked hard, embraced the training, and has transformed his body to some degree. He looks in the best shape he has in a long time. He would enter NXT to heroes welcome and despite getting his nose busted up would defeat C.J Parker and it was a familiar sight with a bloody faced now Kevin Owens with his hand raised. He would end that night coming out to congratulate Sami Zayn who he had wrestled with for almost his entire career. It was a genuine and real moment between the two.

We got the happy conclusion that I don’t think many expected but in an instant that would not be the case. He would attack Zayn and lay out the New Champion and demand a title match, which he would get two months after his debut.

Along the way, Kevin showed all his talent in and out of the ring. He was still very much the same guy we had all seen in ROH and elsewhere in his independent career. He would alter his move set and have to do away with several of his moves he used on the independents.  The Package Piledriver is not happening in a WWE ring. F-5even said in French belongs to a guy named Brock Lesnar. He would still have his corner cannonball and a pop-up power-bomb as his finish. He also was given a devastating Power Bomb to the ring apron that he used to take out Sami Zayn and has used it since on several NXT performers.

It would shock everyone when Owens would win the NXT Title in a match where he dominated in such a dominate fashion that it rivaled the beating that Brock Lesnar put on John Cena to win the WWE Championship at Summerslam. Fitting enough the many being marked with a simple K.O T-shirt won the title by TKO laying out his best friend with no remorse.

Owens motivation for what he is doing he has claim is a better life for his family. This is the part where the story of the wrestler and the real life of the wrestler have merged.  Kevin is clearly a heel but he speaks a real truth in what he is saying.

Aside from a minor knee injury, it has been all systems go for the Champ. His upcoming re-match with Sami Zayn is now up in the air with an injury to Zayn this past Monday. Kevin has been great at everything he was \before he got to WWE. The real shock it WWE is letting him do it all and so quickly. He has appeared on commentary many times and it led to a side feud with Alex Riley. He verbally killed Riley on show, on commentary and even on Twitter completely owned him.

It has been an eventful and great year for Kevin Steen. Having met him, he such a wonderful and nice person it makes the smile you have for his success a little bigger. Kevin Steen has deserved all of the success that has come his way.

So... with all this said we wish the NXT CHAMP a Happy Birthday and look forward to what he will do in the next year to top this one. Trust me when I say he will find a way to top it. It wouldn’t shock anyone to see him make his way to the main roster in this next year. When that moment happens, Kevin will rise to the challenge as he always does. Kevin Owens is not going anywhere anytime soon.