Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Blame Game On Roman Reigns Since His Return From Injury

The WWE is not doing Roman Reigns any good with their booking of him since his return from injury. Even during his injury, his promos on his recovery were dull and boring. It would have made better sense showing reigns working out getting ready to return. If for nothing else, a sweaty Roman Reigns would have made the ladies happy. In any case, WWE who wants Reigns to be their next big thing has done a terrible job of getting him to that point.

Roman Reigns promos have long been source of concern to hate for people that have not been on board with the Reigns push. Roman obviously owns some of the blame for his lack of ability on the microphone. I would counter with could anyone have gotten over the crappy superman promo material he was given on this past Raw. It was horrible and just was doomed to fail for anyone presenting it in any king of serious way. Maybe it would have worked for the Hurricane back in the day in a comedic character bit. Roman Reigns is supposed to be taken seriously not as a joke.

It is not just the terrible promo material coming from Reigns that has been an issue since returning. Whoever thought booking him against the Big Show upon his return did him no favors either. Name the last person Big Show helped get over in recent memory. In their first interaction, Reigns hit Big Show with a Superman punch that he barely sold. Big Show should have been at the very least knocked off his feet. Is it to much to ask from Big Show to take bump off the Ring apron?

While in contrast Reigns has had to sell far too much for the Big Show making Reigns look rather weak. This is doing very little to get people excited for Reigns heading into the Royal Rumble. Matches with the Big Show leave a lot to be desired in terms of being entertaining. It takes a certain type of talent to get a good match out of the Big Show especially at this point in his career where he is basically mailing it in most nights.

Going back to prior to his injury there was speculation that Randy Orton was less than thrilled to be working with Reigns and putting him over. Orton apparently deeming the Reigns was not worthy of the push he is receiving. This is another situation of a program where Reigns seemed to be handicapped and not given a fair chance at success. Apparently, Randy did not get the memo about making Reigns look strong that C.M Punk was subjected too prior to a pay-per-view match.

If the WWE sticks with the plan to have Reigns win the Royal Rumble it is likely to be met with a similar reaction to that of last year when Bautista. Ironically that match ended with Reigns being last to be eliminated in that match. Daniel Bryan making his return in this upcoming Royal Rumble is a serious roadblock to anyone winning the Rumble other than him.

The goal to have Reigns head to Wrestlemania to face Brock Lesnar and had the WWE booked Reigns correctly it could work well. They have done a terrible job since his return from injury to the point there is many rumors of some altered plan for Wrestlemania. It was a fairly simple plan to have Reigns as the one to beat Lesnar and get the rub as Brock likely is out the door to resume a career in MMA. Reigns could be the one that beat the one who ended the Undertaker’s streak.

Reigns just is not working hard enough to grab that brass ring. This would likely be what Vince McMahon would say if the plans do change. Let us blame the talent and not the horrible writing or booking that played a major role in Reigns not getting over, as he should have upon his return from injury.

Believe That! Still that just will never happen when they can pass the buck and blame their talent those damn millennials just being afraid to fail. It has nothing to do with bad writing, booking or older talent trying to keep their spots.