Monday, January 5, 2015

Daniel Bryan Is Back But Is He Better?

Back for an extended Christmas vacation and some things have happened in wrestling since we have been gone on. Perhaps the most important is Daniel Bryan announcing he is coming back at the Royal Rumble and will be part of the Royal Rumble Match.

This was quite surprising as some reports not to long ago that he was likely going to be out until July and miss Wrestlemania. Now suddenly he is returning at the Royal Rumble the spot where his incredible rise to the Main Event of Wrestlemania 30. Bryan was left out of last year’s rumble and the crowd turned large on the returning Batista.

People seem to think Bryan now is in line to win the Royal Rumble and main event a second Wrestlemania. It doesn’t seem likely to me given how the WWE feels about Bryan. I still feel the WWE wants Roman Reigns to be in the main event spot and I would imagine whoever eliminates Bryan will be his match at Wrestlemania. There has to be some legitimate concern about getting behind Bryan based on his health.  How does someone go from needing a second surgery to return unexpectedly to his top spot he left when he was forced to vacate the title? It just doesn’t seem to make sense from the WWE’s point of view.

I also wonder what kind of style of Daniel Bryan we will get upon his return. It only makes common sense hat his style needs to be toned down significantly.

I can’t see myself watching Daniel Bryan without being in fear for Bryan Danielson health in real life. He likely will never get back to the level he was at coming out of Wrestlemania 30. Fans still love Bryan, but they have not come to the realization that he likely can never be the same. His best matches are likely in his past and not his future. It is sad to say but it is likely the truth.

Can Bryan still be part of the company and still stick around for a few more years? He probably can and he could do something similar to what Foley did in the late stages of his career in a more comedic based roll. That likely isn’t what Bryan’s fans want to see but it is likely what is best for him at this stage.

Will Bryan do the smart thing and do any of this and take a step backwards in terms of his work might not happen. He really needs to think about his long-term future and not end up in a position where he is worse off in terms of his long-term future.

People expecting him to storm back and end up in a main event against Brock Lesnar is likely not what is best for him. Bryan desperately wanted to work a match with Brock but this is not likely a good idea. Lesnar is about as stiff as it gets.

For better or likely for worse, Daniel Bryan is back. Let’s hope he’s smart enough to allow all those YES chants make him do some things that are not best for his future.

You have to ask yourself, as a fan is it worth it to see this guy return based on the risk involved. I worry for a guy who came so far and made it to levels he never was suppose to get too. Daniel Bryan has already over achieved to levels he likely never was suppose to get too. He is a WWE Hall of Famer if he retired tomorrow. Wrestlemania 30 will forever be the peak of Daniel Bryan’s career no matter what he does in his future from today.