Friday, January 16, 2015

Owens and Zayn The Best Feud In Wrestling Right Now?

The best feud in pro wrestling today is not building towards Wrestlemania. It is a recycled feud from Ring of Honor happening in NXT. Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens had a long feud as El Generico and Kevin Steen that ended in one of the craziest matches I have ever seen. Ladder War IV is one of the most insane ladder matches that I have ever witnessed. If you have never seen it, you really should go seek it out.

Almost as soon as rumors came out that Kevin Steen was coming to the WWE and NXT it made fans excited at the prospect of another feud between him and Sami Zayn. Often what fans want they seldom get in wrestling today but this has been the exception. Owens debut and Zayn finally winning the NXT title set up the starting point for this epic match-up to resurface under the WWE banner.

It started with a bang and they have slowly let it simmer between the two stars. We have yet to have any explanation for why Kevin Owens did what he did. They sold an injury angle for Zayn who just returned to NXT in the last two weeks. Instead of jumping into it with the two, we got a title re-match with Zayn and Neville only to have Owens show up and attack Sami again after a successful title defense.

Kevin has done such a great job at being a heel and Sami is so loved that you have a real babyface against heel dynamic. Which is hard to pull off especially at NXT where the audience tends to cheer for whatever entertains them rather than who is good or who is bad.

This match-up might be more exciting than anything we get at Wrestlemania this year to be honest. It is a match-up that is so good it belongs to be on a Wrestlemania some day. Two guys from Quebec, Canada together poised to be the next two big Canadian stars for the WWE. Canada was always a hot bed for creating WWE stars, but really, the numbers of guys that have come in the last decade have been few and far between. No offense to Tyson Kidd but we have lacked that giant Canadian star for sometime. Now we sit on the verge of having two huge stars potentially.

WWE has had their issues of late so it might be best for business to have this feud going on in NXT and keep both away from the main roster for now. The last thing people want to see is Zayn or Owens quickly be ruined like some other hot NXT acts have been once arriving on the main roster.

WWE’s next NXT Special which likely will be somewhere along the road to Wrestlemania and there has even been talk it could be during Wrestlemania week will feature most likely the Zayn vs. Owens showdown. It might blow the majority of Wrestlemania out of the water. Zayn and Owens have a great chemistry and a decade long relationship that will guarantee they will knock it out of the park as they have in the past.

It is the most compelling match the WWE has to offer at the moment. They made R-Evolution for of the best special events the WWE has put on in years. It was incredible and created a buzz that over shadowed WWE TLC later in the week. Not that they could over shadow Wrestlemania with their match but they will put on a match that will be better than almost everything you could likely see on that card.

Have we reached the point we root for guys not to leave NXT out of fear of what will become of them on the WWE main roster. The lack of faith in the creative on the main roster is justified at this point with Roman Reigns cutting Saturday morning cartoon promos.

Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens are survivors and I think will have bright and long futures in the WWE. Ironically this might be some of the best stuff they will ever do though as they will not have the limitations that come with the WWE main roster these days.

So enjoy it the slow burn to an awesome match-up. Cue the crowd to OLE and chant this is wrestling because it is and it isn’t complicated. A friend turns his back on his buddy and he wants what he has. Pretty basic, simple, and something we all can relate to in our everyday lives.

More talk on this and all that is going on in the world of wrestling coming up later tonight as we do every Friday night. Condo on the Moon Podcast will be talking Savage finally in the Hall of Fame and a lot more. So make sure to come have a listen and join us every Friday.