Sunday, December 7, 2014

CM Punk signs with UFC

Well, if you asked me 10 days ago would Punk be in the UFC? I would tell you that your nuts, but coming out of last night's "UFC 181" PPV, CM Punk officially sign a multi-fight contract with the UFC and expects to start fighting in 2015. Obviously CM Punk has been the talk of the entire world over the last two weeks and as to the big elephant in the room, Can CM Punk fight? Is this worth it? Well in this piece I will give you my thoughts on this signing and what can we expect from CM Punk in 2015?

As one of CM Punk's biggest fans I'm happy to see that Punk is doing what makes him happy. You can see it in his eyes in this video above with Joe Rogan, Punk speaks about having the fire he has insides when someones says that he can't accomplish anything. If you ever known CM Punk, he's always been the person to percivere through roadblocks no matter how big that particular roadblock is. Punk said he expect to fight in the middleweight division and fight around 170-185 weight class. Many professional wrestlers and MMA fighters reacted to this mega decision.

As far as the WWE is concern, I'm getting a big shuckle out of how this effect the company in anyway. In todays society it's all about coming up with ways to degrade the WWE and they're the worst company in the world. Say what you want about the WWE, but they don't care because UFC is not their competition. With Brock Lesnar possibly heading to the UFC after WrestleMania 31, man UFC seems to get off the desperate wagon because now they can get their special PPV buys that they haven't been getting in the last couple of years and makes MMA relevant again. CM Punk was already a big name in the mainstream media over the last three years and does this make this signing a publicity stunt from both Punk and UFC. I don't believe that's true, but people are going to pose that question just due to the nature of CM Punk professional background.

This wouldn't be the first time that CM Punk has been involved with the UFC. Punk has been an active attender of many UFC fights over the years and CM Punk has become popular with the MMA fanbase with his annual interviews with Ariel Helwani from Helwani had his concerns about this decision, but as you see in the video above CM Punk he wants to do this and this is a full circle kind of moment for him because he's had previous MMA style of training with the Gracie's and doing Kempo in Chicago while he was training to become a professional wrestler. In this video above Helwani does bring up alot of topics that alot of hardcore MMA fans have, Can he fight? Are you trying to outdo Brock Lesnar? Are you part of a certain camp? Why didn't Punk get his MMA start in another fighting company? When will his first fight happen? Punk has gone on to say in his press conference that he knows that he's going to have his critics, but he said he's been motivated to step into the octogan for a long while now and now it's about training and continuing to prove people wrong. I would think personally his fight would be in Chicago, UFC has been bringing their "UFC on FOX" Show to the United Center over the last three years. Who knows maybe the UFC brings a PPV for the first time since UFC 90 and that's where he makes his debut.

As we look towards the future as 2015 approaches it's good time to be a MMA fan. I'm personally happy for CM Punk and hope he makes the best out of this opportunity and he proves his doubters wrong. Hard work pays off for people that bust their ass and don't let other's opinions drag them down. Do I think he will be successful in MMA? I'm not sure, but I do think that he's going to give it his all and that's all I can ask for as a fan of Phil "CM Punk" Brooks. Do the WWE have to make a move after this decision? No because UFC is not their competition and people can't accept that fact, but their not their competition. So Punk has move on to the next phase in his professional life and we'll see what happens. Follow me on Twitter @JoshLopezCSR