Sunday, December 14, 2014

Adam Cole Sidelined With A Shoulder Injury That Requires Surgery

It appears that Adam Cole was injured in his match with Jay Briscoe. He has a damaged shoulder and will need surgery. He announced this at the PWG event over the weekend that was ironically named after him with the title Black COLE Sun. Cole has taped a podcast with Jim Ross that may shed more light on the situation to air in January. Cole’s contract with Ring of Honor was about to expire in December based on what he had said months ago on the Sam Roberts show. What Cole’s status is right now is not as much of an issue as his health. Rumors had been flying around for months that he would be the next independent star to make the jump to NXT. Where his good friend Kevin Steen just debuted this past week with one of the best debut’s wrestling has seen in quite some time.

Cole thanked the fans at PWG and gave this encouraging tweet for all his fans.

We have had Adam here on Condo on the Moon on two different occasions and he is one of the nicest people I have come across. We wish Adam nothing but the best and hope to see him back in a ring somewhere sooner rather than later. No time line has been given for his recovery but ROH recently released their poster for their next Live Pay-Per-View and Adam was noticeably absent from it. Former WWE Star Alberto Del Rio was on it as he is set to join ROH for several dates leading up too and including the pay-per-view in March in Las Vegas.

Losing Adam to injury or the WWE was going to be a big blow for ROH as he headlined both their live pay-per-views in losing efforts for ROH Championship. It would appear he would not be keeping that streak alive in March.

We offer all the best, to one of the best wrestlers and people in the business today. His future is still very bright and this we hope will just be a minor set back in his career path.