Monday, June 15, 2015

5 Things To Expect on WWE Monday Night Raw 6/15/15

Hope you guys and girls had a good weekend. Welcome to this weeks Raw preview article brought to you by Condo On The Moon. We're just coming off the heels of the Money in the Bank PPV. In this piece I'll give you my thoughts on the PPV and also five things you can expect to see on tonight's Monday Night Raw from Cleveland, Ohio. Let's do this.

Money in the Bank Review: 

For the most part I thought the Columbus crowd exceeded my expectations especially with being a guy that covers just about every single WWE show the Columbus crowd tends to be one of the worst in the WWE Universe. I thought that Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler had a great outing on commentary, but JBL has to go to. He drags down every single Raw, SmackDown, PPV and etc. I thought the WWE did a phenomenal job paying tribute to the late great Dusty Rhodes with the video package and the ten bell slatue. I'm interested in seeing if they do the same thing tonight for Raw, or they'll just go on with the tribute special that will be on the WWE Network immediately after Raw. 

Maybe to a fault I look at the positive and big picture aspects of professional wrestling too much. I just never wanted to be "THAT GUY" who acts like he knows everything about the business and just being the wrestling verison of Roger Ebert. I thought the Money in the Bank Ladder was good, I was really surprised that Sheamus captured the briefcase and you know what? I don't have a problem with this. It came out of nowhere and that's what you usually expect in these MITB Matches, so just because my guy didn't win doesn't mean the match sucks. We as fans play that card way too much. I thought the Divas Championship match was good both Nikki and Paige really beat the snot out of each other. Shenangians insued in the finish, but I knew Nikki was going to retain no matter what. I thought the Ryback/Big Show match was disappointing, but it is what it is. I thought the Cena/Owens match was awesome. There's not much that needs to be said about that because the match and the storyline speaks for itself. Congrats to the Prime Time Players becoming the new Tag Team Champions more on that in our Raw preview. The main event was awesome. Overall I really enjoy the show despite JBL, but if I had to grade the show it would've been a B+ or A-. 

1.) John Cena vs. Kevin Owens Fallout 

The series is tied at 1-1 and this feud has been far more entertaining then the NBA Finals in my opinion, but hey NBA isn't a work right? ;)! I don't think Owens is "buried" lets put a end to that arguement. He's not going to become a Wyatt, a Ryback, a Rusev, etc. Say what you want about John Cena and I'm not part of Cenation, but you have to respect the guy. Owens powerbombs Cena on the ring apron after the match last night, so here's the question. How long will Cena be out? Will this feud brew over Battleground or will Cena take some time off and then we have the rubber match at SummerSlam? For tonight I can expect to see another promo between both guys unless Cena will not be on the show. By the way if your saying Owens is buried by losing to Cena last night you don't know anything about wrestling. Owens is not going to be like the other guys who were supposely "buried" by Cena because they were heels and the baby face is never supposed to beat the bad guy. 

2.) WWE Divas Title Picture + IC Title Shenangians 

Here's a scenario I have for the Divas Title Picture with WWE Battleground coming up in 5 weeks. It's time. It's time to bring up Charlotte. It all makes sense with Raw being in Cleveland, Ric Flair loves LeBron James, and if you listen to this promo. The Bellas were born this way and Charlotte is genetically superior. Bring up Charlotte you can have Paige and her team against the Bellas at Battleground and Charlotte will take the title from Nikki at SummerSlam. For the IC Title Picture I think we'll see a beginning of a three way program with Miz, Ryback and Big Show. Not sure how I feel about, but there is history between all three guys even before the PPV last night. I can see maybe Miz vs. Ryback or Big Show tonight. Maybe you can even have ShowMiz come back and take on Ryback in a handicap match. 

3.) PTP vs. The New Day 

Congrats to Titus and Darren on becoming the new WWE Tag Team Champions! With Kidd & Cesaro out of the picture with Kidd's injury and the Usos on the shelf. I think we can see a fun three month program between these two tag teams maybe the titles go back and forth, but that's not really a bad thing if done right. I expect for tonight we'll see New Day requesting a rematch for the Tag Team Championship. 

4.) Sheamus + Roman Reigns/Bray Wyatt feud, What's next for Randy Orton, Dolph Ziggler and Neville?

This point will be shorter then the most here. I think Sheamus and Randy Orton can continue their feud if they want to especially with Orton trying everything he can to get back in the WWE World Title Picture, I'm intrugied about the Bray Wyatt/Roman Reigns feud I'll keep it to that because I'm not really sure what's going to happen here and that's what's great about this upcoming feud. Wyatt does remind alot of a darker verison of Mankind and Undertaker. Yes I understand he's lost some of his feuds, but the guy is like underlying power of the Authority whenever the Authority needs someone to take the World Title away from Ambrose and Reigns or anybody else here comes Bray Wyatt. For Dolph and Neville that's the interesting question. Not always in favor with just throwing two guys together for the sake of a having great wrestling matches unless the storyline was about "Oh I'm better than you, you call yourself the Showoff, but I'm the new Sensation and I'm here to stay." 

5.) Seth Rollins & Authority Back Together 

This is out of left field and if it happens I won't gloat about it ;), but I have this thing feeling where Rollins and HHH were buddy buddy now and Rollins will celebrate with The Authority on Raw tonight in the main event segment and I think we see either Kane pick Rollins in the air and Triple H drops the thumb down and the Authority destroys Seth Rollins. I also think you can have Rollins out there and Brock comes back and ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE. Either way I think it's interesting scenarios, but also who knows does Ambrose gets his third shot at the title or does he go away for awhile? 

That's a wrap for this week's Raw preview. I hope you guys enjoy Raw. Let me know what you think about the piece on Twitter @JoshLopezCSR. 

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