Monday, November 17, 2014

Raw May Well Make Us Grumpier Than Any Cat

How will we survive the Grumpy Cat/Go Home Show to Survivor Series is the real question heading into Monday Night Raw. As bad as this Grumpy Cat thing is the fact it is on the go home show for your free pay-per-view to promote your network makes it more perplexing. WWE has had a terrible year and no one can deny this at this point. It isn’t a case of like things in TNA where they appear to be on verge of death at this point. The lack of competition is certainly part of the issue with WWE for last decade or more since WCW went out of business.

Not that wrestling fans care why this cat segment or earlier in the year that awful Kathie Lee segment happen, it is WWE working with it’s broadcast partner NBC Universal that owns USA Network. They also own Lifetime which is apparently where the Grumpy Cat will be doing a Christmas movie. What I would ask both NBC and WWE is where on earth do they get the idea that people watching WWE would be the same demographic that watches Lifetime. Just like I would question how many WWE fans are watching the Today show with Kathie Lee.

In any case wrestling wise we are a week away from the Survivor Series and we have just 4 matches made for this show. The under card is led by the Bray Wyatt against Dean Ambrose match-up. Any of us out there that defended the hologram based attack on Ambrose by Wyatt may want to take our words back. This feud has been dead as a door nail and has not had a great build at all. Once again it leaves me to question Bray Wyatt as he was paired with he hottest guy in the company and if any thing has cooled off Dean Ambrose just a bit. The storyline to why Bray has gone after Ambrose is vague and convoluted.

Rumors abound that A.J Lee could be done after Survivor Series. If these rumors pan out to be true that would make Nikki Bella the Divas Champion. There have been runours like this before about the wife of C.M Punk on to have A.J remain part of the fold. At one point the rumors included a pregnancy as her and Punk was alleged to want to start a family. A.J was still staking bumps after that one making those rumors go away. Stephanie McMahon is the latest to have pregnancy rumors now as some were saying this whole end of the Authority stipulation was a way to write her off television. Even if John Cena’s team wins I don’t think that automatically adds up to Stephanie being a mom for the fourth time.

Still one does wonder what the basis of this angle is and why it came out of no-where. Some have said this might be the rekindling of an old angle idea that would see Vince feud with Stephanie and Hunter for ultimate control of the company. That was said to be a storyline that was being set up for Wrestlemania 30. Obviously a lot of things happened to change that card. So is this just the same angle brought back to life to set up some match for Triple H at Wrestlemania?

It will be interesting what the WWE ultimately fills out this Survivor Series card and if they make any of those matches clear tonight?  A lot of people ever since WWE announced the show would be hosted by a cat have been dreading it. We can only hope WWE sticks to form and keeps whatever involvement the cat is suppose to have to a minimum. They have done this more since the disastrous Kathie Lee and Hoda segment with Adam Rose. Speaking of which this under card could very well feature Rose against the Bunny.

One other note there was speculation that Brad Maddox may have been let go by WWE. Some are saying him being moved to the alumni section is part of a storyline. Maybe Vince brings him back if he wins to be G.M. He might even be the Bunny when all is said and done. Who really knows logic has not been the strong suit of creative these days.

So it is almost a safe bet that by the end of the night wrestling fans will be far grumpier than any friggin cat.