Monday, November 3, 2014

Raw Expected to be 3 hour Commerical For WWE Network?

Are you ready for a month long commercial for the WWE Network? That is what you can suspect for all of November with the network being given away for free. What it means for Survivor Series is now unclear based on the back the show is being given away for free. It leads to speculation on what it will mean for Survivor Series. Some feel WWE will attempt to put on an over the top show.  I however feel they can’t afford a Brock Lesnar return at Survivor Series. Perhaps you get a Roman Reigns return as he is expected to be ready for next even in December. In any case the dynamic and importance of Survivor Series has changed.

In terms of Raw tonight expect a ton of advertising for the WWE Network. In addition, we should see some advancement on Team Cena vs. Team Authority. Perhaps we get some confirmation on which side Randy Orton will fall in this feud if at all. Orton has been pulled from advertising for the show in his hometown of St Louis. Orton has been cast in a sequel to the movie The Condemned that starred Steve Austin in the original. Orton is expected to miss some time to shoot that movie and apparently, that will include Survivor Series.

WWE had a similar situation with Ambrose getting hot and having to leave for a movie. It clearly never hurt him as he came back even stronger but in his absence, Raw had some of its worst shows of the year. Speaking of Ambrose his feud with Bray Wyatt seems to be moving in slow motion so far perhaps we pick up the pace tonight on Monday Night Raw.

Smackdown for the first time in a long time introduced an angle that a lot have speculated on happening. Rusev is challenging Sheamus to get his hands on the United States title. Seems like a good side feud to continue building Rusev moving forward. Not sure why they waited until Smackdown to introduce this feud instead of last Monday or this Monday. It is nice for fans of Smackdown to see some storyline advancement on that show.

The main event on that show was also pretty cool with a Halloween themed street fight with Cesaro and Dean Ambrose. These two put on a heck of an entertaining match and along the way killed many pumpkins. Cesaro according to reports is being punished for comments he made in an interview prior to the Randy Orton vs. John Cena match being less than supportive of that match. It was a match that many fans weren’t looking forward to given the amount of times we have seen this match-up. Cesaro is just an amazing talent and the lack of what they have done with him since his push at Wrestlemania 30 is a crime.

Another prominent figure from Wrestlemania 30 is of course Daniel Bryan. Bryan has been forced to have a second surgery and is out from Wrestlemania 31 for sure. A time line of 6-8 months has been given but some question if his career as a whole is potentially over. It has been a really sad story for Daniel Bryan in 2014. After winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and married Brie Bella, things took a horrible turn in the other direction. He lost his father who passed away soon after his marriage and than was put on the injured list with an injury to his neck.

We will be seeing Brie most likely in segments with Sister Nikki playing up the angle from their match at Hell in a Cell in which Brie is the assistant for Nikki for 30 days based on losing their match.

So get ready to hear 9.99 and free a lot on this coming episode of Raw. At least all the pink is done for another year. All for raising money for breast cancer but we do not need a month of programming to do so.