Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Yes! Yes! Yes! But What Happens After Wrestlemania 30 for Daniel Bryan?

It would appear after Raw that fans have got what they have not so quietly demanded for Wrestlemania 30. The table has been set for Daniel Bryan to be the star of Wrestlemania 30 in New Orleans. He will face Triple H sliding into the role originally cast for C.M Punk and when he wins would advance to the Main Event in a triple threat with Batista and Randy Orton.

Let’s give the WWE the benefit of the doubt and assume they book this as fans want to see it with Bryan going over HHH and winning the three way to close the show and end Wrestlemania with 70,000 or so chanting Yes! Yes! Yes!

All seems great right...but where fans often fail to think about is what comes next? So, Bryan finally has the Championship that people have wanted him to have since the summer now what?  Now what comes next and can he be anything different from what C.M Punk was in a similar position?

Will he actually be treated like the champion and the top guy in the company? Is John Cena going remain content being the second fiddle to Daniel Bryan in storyline? Probably not but he also isn't going to turn heel anytime soon. The babyface vs. babyface clash at Summerslam was deemed by Vince McMahon as a “Swing and a Miss” as far as a main event goes.

The obvious direction would be a program with Batista who was originally pegged to win the title, but thanks to a major miscalculation by WWE to reaction to his return he now is a heel instead of a face. Bryan is not exactly in a good place in a feud like this. Batista is not a guy that can hang with Daniel Bryan in terms of putting on a long and exciting high tempo match.

A guy that is sits on his couch in Chicago and seems unlike to leave it to return to WWE anytime soon. If he did the promo for a returning Punk writes itself and allows Punk to return as a heel. Bitter that the fans that once cheered for him now chant Yes! Yes! Yes! Angry that once Bryan got his matches at Mania the fans forgot about him. He is after all the Best in the World not Daniel Bryan. While he has no love for the Authority and Triple H at least he knows where he stands. While Bryan was a wolf in sheep’s clothing that stole his spot.

Bryan points out what all the fans have since Punk left that he abandoned them and was doing it about money and greed and not about loving the business like he claims he does. The two have feuded before in WWE but there would be some added realism to a feud like this that would get fans really excited.

Not holding my breath on this as it seems pretty clear CM Punk is in no rush to return to the WWE.

When you look at this roster as a whole with expected face turns for Roman Reigns and (Antonio) Cesaro around the corner the WWE is lacking top heels at the moment. Rusev should get a big heel push coming out of Mania from the lengthy build he is being given. He is not ready to move all the way to the top. Orton and Bryan we have seen far too often so he is not likely a fit for Bryan either.

As important as it was for Bryan to get his moment in the sun at Wrestlemania it will be just as important if not even more important that the follow up is strong once he gets to the top. While no one can deny how over he is once you reach that big moment if you don’t hang on to that momentum going forward the chances Bryan’s fan base gets fat and lazy and doesn’t Yes! As loudly as they did in the past is a concern. That may sound crazy but you only need to look at how fast people have jumped off the Punk bandwagon as proof that stardom can come and go real fast with very fickle wrestling fans of today.

After the big party on the night after Wrestlemania and the Yes chants blow the roof of the place what comes next? That is the question that Daniel Bryan’s short sighted fan base doesn’t have to answer that is one for the WWE to have to deal with. Add in the fact that this wasn’t their idea to begin with those who feel Daniel Bryan will have climbed the mountain with a Wrestlemania win of championship might have to think again.

The best advocate for Daniel Bryan is himself and if he is given those chances to connect with larger audiences and casual fans he can be a likeable guy just like a John Cena. It is just a matter of how really committed the WWE is in him and will they be willing to endure some bumps in a Daniel Bryan title reign to get him to that superstar main stream status like few guys have ever reached.?

Wrestlemania 30 is just a big battle in a long war that it has been to get Daniel Bryan to this point. The war and the fight are not over with 70.000 people going Yes! Yes! Yes! The funniest thing of all is the guy that appears the least concerned about all of this is Daniel Bryan. He does have going for him the fact he is a lot like a C.M Punk minus the moody attitude and unpredictability. Daniel Bryan is safe…just like a John Cena is safe. WWE has always liked the top guy in the company being the safe choice. This maybe based on battles in the past with HBK, Stone Cold and Punk to name but three. Less headaches dealing with a Cena or a Bryan and Vince is not getting any younger.