Sunday, March 16, 2014

Ronda Rousey In WWE Just A Matter Of When Not If?

The WWE always loves main stream attention and they have a history of not being afraid at bringing outside people to pop a rating. It seems that every scrum of late for the UFC’s Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey includes some WWE talk. She was in attendance at UFC 171 and in the 11 minutes or so she took some of that time to talk about loving the WWE and not being opposed to be involved in it although with her schedule it likely doesn’t make sense. She also talked with school girl like enthusiasm about meeting CM Punk after her most recent victory at UFC 170. Have a listen to the media scrum from MMA Fighting Website:

While we joked on the IWC podcast about bringing her in for Wrestlemania this year that likely makes no sense given Rousey’s schedule. Summerslam would seem to make a ton of sense being in L.A but that also appears to be around the same time Rousey expects to jump back in the octagon. So if she is preparing for a fight that likely is not going to work. Wrestlemania 31 up in San Francisco might make a ton of sense.

I seriously wonder if people in WWE have her on the radar because if they don’t they damn well should. You bring back Batista, in part, based on a movie roll, a guest slot for the most famous women’s fighter ever and a movie star in her own right, this needs to happen for WWE. 

More than that Rousey unlike some guests that get thrown into the WWE world is a legit fan and a legit threat physically. She may not come alone either as she has a group of female fighters that make up her group they have named the 4 horsewomen. This is just something waiting to be exploited by Vince McMahon.

WWE may already have a storyline waiting for this to all come together. Ric Flair’s daughter Charlotte currently in WWE Developmental at NXT has recently taken on her dad’s history in storyline. They have even gone to the point of calling her the “Dirtiest Diva in the Game” as a play off her dad’s famous catch phrases.  A storyline involving Rousey’s 4 horsewomen rolling into WWE even for a short one off appearance could fit in with all of this perfectly.

Am I obsessed with the idea of Ronda Rousey and WWE coming together? Yup I am, but as crazy as I am about it this does make sense if you can make it happen. WWE got a big boost back in the day from Mike Tyson, there is no reason to think they couldn’t do it again with Ronda Rousey.

I think the idea of her getting into a match of any kind is never going to happen but to see her involved in a way like Tyson was is something I could totally see happening.

It doesn’t seem like Ronda’s love for Pro Wrestling is going away despite true MMA only fans perhaps rolling their eyes. In the same way they do when CM Punk talks about wanting to fight in MMA or at least teasing the idea of it.

Rousey recently met Punk at her fight which was a rare public appearance for Punk since leaving the WWE after the Royal Rumble. If Punk was part of the WWE when and if Rousey were to come around he would only be helpful in making this happen you have to figure.

Not sure what strictly WWE fans would think of Rousey but as she has proven in MMA she is cool with playing the heel if it works out that way. I have a feeling the WWE fans that are also MMA fans would embrace this has something pretty big.

But the biggest reason the WWE would do such a thing is Ronda Rousey brings with her a ton of media interest and her own built in fan base and haters as well. Whatever Ronda Rousey does these days seems to draw a ton of attention. You can make the argument she is the most famous female athlete on the planet today.