Thursday, February 26, 2015

Brock Lesnar Holding the Wrestlemania Main Event Hostage At This Point

It has been a wild 48 hours or so in the land of WWE as there may never be a road to Wrestlemania like this one. A fan movement by WWE fans to get more attention and time followed by A.J Lee and Stephanie McMahon engaged in twitter combat. Steph was reacting to something from the Oscars about women’s equality and it led to A.J Lee responding with thoughts on how that equality does not occur in WWE. Lee has been missing from WWE with an apparent neck injury. There is also a ton of baggage tied to her husband C.M Punk. Who recently has been sued by the WWE doctor he called out in his November podcast with Colt Cabana, who is also being sued.  WWE has come out in just support of their doctor who is suing Punk and Cabana for what was originally reported as one million dollars in damages but the figure has risen to two million in later reports in his defamation legal action.

Normally a drama like this would be big news but it is really just a side story after news and rumors that broke yesterday. Stephanie did respond to Lee on twitter thanking her for voicing her opinion.

The opinions on the Wrestlemania 31 main event have been many in the past months with Roman Reigns now locked in it would have appeared to face Brock Lesnar. The kickoff to building that main event should have got rolling in full effect this Monday on Raw. Brock Lesnar attended but apparently walked out and ended up not appearing on the show. There was a rumor going around this surrounded Lesnar not wanting to fight Reigns based on the fact he allegedly had failed a drug test. It seems this was more fiction than fact from what most are saying once this rumor hit the main stream on the internet. What everyone agrees is Brock did walk out and is not happy about something. Lesnar has been widely rumored to be considering a return to MMA once his contract ends after Wrestlemania.

Lesnar is not scheduled to appear on WWE television again until March 9 th and a second appearance on the Monday prior to Wrestlemania. There is now at least some doubt if Lesnar will actually be a part of things. Could the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion be a no show for Wrestlemania?

After all the drama and struggle to keep Roman Reigns in this main event to defeat Lesnar and be crowned the Champion and the unofficial future face of the company it might be Brock that is the biggest problem not Daniel Bryan and his fan base.

If Lesnar were to walk out on the WWE in the same way as C.M Punk did 13 months ago, it would literally turn Wrestlemania upside down with basically a month to go to the show. It would make sense that if Lesnar does not appear on television for the March 9 th appearance it would be huge cause for concern for the Wrestlemania main event and be at a critical stage. How long could the WWE go along without introducing a plan B to explain Lesnar’s being eliminated from the picture and the title he holds most likely being declared vacant.

This would be a last resort and could really put the WWE in a situation they have never faced. In the past big matches for Mania has been placed in state of jeopardy based on injury. Rock vs. Austin the final of the series of three had Austin in hospital the night prior. Kurt Angle was dealing with serious neck issues entering his match with Lesnar for the title when they faced off for the title.

What all of this says or at least implies is that Lesnar is not likely re-signing with the WWE and even if he shows up for Wrestlemania to say he will be easy to work with for an inexperienced Roman Reigns would be a fantasy most likely.

The drama behind the scenes heading into this Wrestlemania is becoming far more interesting than the card itself. This would be a terrible situation if the WWE could not produce the main event they have promised and basically pushed through despite fans not being on board with it. This could all be a great work to ensure Lesnar comes off as a heel in his match with Reigns but that is likely wishful thinking. Is it to late to book Triple H and Stephanie against Punk and A.J Lee as the main event? I joke but what they would have to come up with at this late stage would be far from ideal to say the least.