Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Random Raw Thoughts

I'll be honest last night's Raw did not inspire me much in terms of writing about it. So how about some point form thoughts and notes on what we saw?

  • A.J as the G.M has been done fairly well. I still can't see how it will last in the long term. That said they have found a fairly good way to keep her short and sweet much like she is in reality? Anyway she has been able to pull it off and in terms of women on the program is far and away the most important by miles. This will remain the case despite the return of Kelly Kelly who continues to make the stereo type of dumb blondes live. She has nothing and I do mean nothing going for her beyond her looks. She fought Eve in a match that was comical in how bad it was.
  • C.M Punk is doing the best he can with what is honestly a terrible match for Summer Slam. His slow heel turn has been the one good thing that has been consistent from Raw 1000. I like what Punk is doing and think that he can and should carry the WWE Title till Royal Rumble to face the Rock. Seldom have we seen a title reign of this length in the modern era of wrestling. Punk is one of few performers in this modern age that can pull it off as he is able to re-invent himself as basically the same character. 
  • Chris Jericho disappointed as a heel in a feud with Punk on his return to WWE. He continues to disappoint as he turns face. I mean yes I still laugh at some of his standard stuff but ultimately reality and storyline are working together here. Ziggler is right in Jericho now being an after thought in terms of WWE. He is a solid performer and always will be but may never again reach the levels he has had in the past. I just feel that Jericho is only half interested in wrestling and is just as happy to be doing the many other projects he takes on like his band Fozzy. 
  • Speaking of past his expiry date. Rey Mesterio really does nothing for me at all. He has suffered many injuries and is not the dynamic in ring performer he once was. Rey has never been a great promo guy and does not really carry a storyline in any feud unless he is being carried by a great performer.
  • Wade Barrett is on the verge of a return. WWE did a solid old school type coming soon promo feature. I hope the best for Barrett who had his Wrestlemania taken away by freak incident on Raw just months before the event. Expect him to get a big push when he returns. He deserves it. I would suggest a program with Sheamus and double turn would do the trick. Not that I expect WWE do that. 
  • Speaking of  Sheamus could he have any more boring a feud for a World Title? I say NO! NO! NO! It is also funny to see the babyface champion and one of main faces of the Anti-Bullying Be A Star movement of the WWE to be stealing a Ferrari and driving around town with it and trashing it. Yeah don't be a bully just get revenge kids. Del Rio has been pretty awful of late as well. I am tired of him and his gimmick. It has gotten old and stale. 
  • Damain Sandow seems like the best hope of new star. Working with Clay is not exactly the fast path to that but it was it is. I like the gimmick. Like the character and think it has real staying power. 
  • Daniel Bryan is a great talent and over more than perhaps anyone. That said he seems to be totally wasted at the moment and I just would like to see him doing something on a higher profile level
  • I-C and U.S Champs are perhaps worst two ever? The Miz gets mentioned more as Triple Crown Winner that the I-C Champ. What WWE sees in him I have never seen. It is common knowledge that most of the wrestlers don't like him legitimately. He is a waste and I have no use for him. I really didn't miss him when he was away making a movie that will no doubt suck. Then Santino the joke of U.S champion. I can imagine this is Vince having his funny with the legacy of  WCW he owns. It makes no sense seeing as you have ability of making money off that history. Santino for me is barley funny and even if you concede he is funny that still is no excuse to have a belt on him. Did Doink the Clown ever hold a title? No so why is he? 
  • A.W keeps his mic gig and continues to bring down his tag team of Prime Time Players. All World Anti Promotion is more like it. I was happy with Dareen and Titus on their own and don't think they needed AW. The WWE is trying to build so semblance of a tag team division but it just stinks. Tag Teams that work have become rare in wrestling these days. They are no longer the star producing vehicle they were in past. They also no longer have the guys content to work as a team for the long haul. Killer Bees, Demolition, LOD and other long term tag teams of the past. 
  • I am and always will be a HHH fan. That said I barely cared about his Mania Re-Match with Undertaker that was reffed by HBK. It turned out to be a great match but in the build I really didn't care. That said this Brock vs HHH Match is even less for me. HBK being involved again to try and pull it out of the fire. Perhaps the biggest thing is this whole feud was doomed but Paul himself. Going to a Money Mayweather fight the weekend after he supposedly had his arm broken by Brock. Wrestling at it's core is being able to allow yourself to get invested in matches and storylines even though you understand it is all a work. However when it is made so painfully obvious even to the point of WWE.COM showing the uninjured HHH at the fight was to much. The build since has been just as awful and I really just have no interest in this match at all. Coming from a diehard HHH fan this can't be good news. 
  • If there is anything I missed consider it being glazed over from a 3 hour show that is hard to keep interested in for the entire time. I found it amazing that WWE expects to see it's profit increase this year from last. They may in fact be earning more money but they continue to be less and less entertaining and eventually that has to catch up with you right?